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Repository for QuTiP documentation

This repository contains the source files for the QuTiP documentation.

For pre-built documentation, see http://www.qutip.org/documentation.html

Build requirements

In a conda environment use:

$ conda install sphinx numpydoc sphinx_rtd_theme ipython

2017-03-28: Successful building using:

  • sphinx v1.5.1
  • numpydoc v0.6.0
  • ipython 5.1.0


2017-01-07: Thanks to some bug in ipython/ipython#8733 to do with the ipython_savefig_dir conf option, then note that this build directory structure must exist already:


To build the documentation on Linux or OS X run:

$ make html latexpdf

Building Documentation On Windows

Building the HTML documentation requires Sphinx and numpydoc, both of which can be installed using Anaconda:

> conda install sphinx numpydoc

If you installed QuTiP using another distribution of Python, these dependencies can also be installed using either easy_install or pip:

> easy_install install sphinx numpydoc
> pip install sphinx numpydoc

To build the HTML documentation on Windows using cmd.exe, run:

> make html

From PowerShell, run:

PS> .\make html