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Random sequence generator written in Haskell.
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Babel Build Status

Babel is a small utility written in Haskell that generates random sequences based on a context free grammar (CFG). It can be used as a word generator or password generator.

For example:

$ babel -n 3 grammar.cfg

In this example, grammar.cfg contains the following:

S -> A | B | C
A -> a B | a C | a
B -> b A | b C | b
C -> c A | c B | c

What's Needed

In order to build babel, you must at least have the haskell compiler GHC 8.0+. If you have Cabal installed, just run cabal build from the top level directory (where babel.cabal is located). Otherwise, you can compile an executable by running ghc -o babel --make -isrc src/Main.hs.

Babel depends on the following haskell packages: base >=4.7, containers >=0.5, random >=1.1, parsec >=3.1, split >= 0.2, cryptonite >= 0.17

All these packages are available in the repositories for most Linux distributions.

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