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We started to rewrite VimR with a NeoVim-backend.


This is a fork of I made some modifications such that you can compile a Framework with which you can use MacVim-view in your own Apps. It does not have a well-thought-out Framework design due to the fact that I wanted to make the absolute minimal amount of modifications to the original code base. However, there is room for improvements and I'll add them gradually.

An (absolute minimal) example App (MinimalMacVim) is included. You can also have a look at Project VimR for a real usage of this framework.

How to Build

Go to project root and do the following:

cd src
./configure --with-features=huge --enable-rubyinterp --enable-pythoninterp --enable-perlinterp --enable-cscope

Open the Xcode project MacVim.xcodeproject in src/MacVim and build the MacVimFramework target.

How to Use

Build Settings

  • Add @loader_path/../Frameworks to Runtime Search Paths

Build Phases

  • Link and copy PSMTabBarControl.framework which is included with the project.
  • Link and copy MacVimFramework.framework

Example Code

Examine the target MinimalMacVim. It essentially has only one class—MMAppDelegate—that handles everything.