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VimR — Neovim GUI for macOS


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VimR is a Neovim GUI for macOS written in Swift.

The goal is to build an editor that uses Neovim inside with some of the convenience GUI features similar to those present in modern editors.

There are other Neovim GUIs for macOS, see the list, so why?

  • Play around with Neovim,
  • play around with Swift (and especially with RxSwift),
  • Play around with the main idea of Redux architecture, and
  • (most importantly) have fun!

If you feel chatty, there is a chat room:

If you want to support VimR financially, use Github's Sponsor.


Pre-built Universal signed and notarized binaries can be found under Releases.

Reusable Components

  • NvimView: SwiftPM module containing an NSView which bundles everything, e.g., Neovim binary and its runtime-files, needed to embed Neovim in a Cocoa App.
  • RxMsgpackRpc: Implementation of MsgpackRpc using RxSwift.
  • RxNeovimApi: RxSwift wrapper of Neovim API.

Some Features

  • Markdown preview
  • Generic HTML preview (retains the scroll position when reloading)
  • Fuzzy file finder a la Xcode's "Open Quickly..."
  • Trackpad support: Pinching for zooming and two-finger scrolling.
  • Ligatures: Turned off by default. Turn it on in the Preferences.
  • Command line tool.
  • (Simple) File browser
  • Flexible workspace model a la JetBrain's IDEs

How to Build

Clone this repository. Install homebrew, then in the project root:

git submodule update --init

xcode-select --install # install the Xcode command line tools, if you haven't already
brew bundle # install dependencies, e.g., build tools for Neovim
clean=true notarize=false ./bin/
# will be placed in ./build/Build/Products/Release/