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Small phoronix-test-suite automation for CentOS7
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First try to automate phoronix test suite, setup and one test.

Sorry, but currently tested only with CentOS 7

Usage / use case


  • common # common for standard operations / install repo and yum install phoronix and deps

  • phoronix-install # configure phoronix and batch-install bench's

  • phoronix-bench # do instlled bench

  • phoronix-merge # once we have several bench'es we want to merge these to one report, which will be located on remote host /root dir, also do not forget to remove /var/lib/phoronix-test-suite/test-results/merge* once got your report. or remove VM :)

Thank you goes to:

Domas Tamašauskas (co-worker)

zoredache - IRC help :) in FreeNode #ansible

agaffney - IRC help :) in FreeNode #ansible

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