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#include <string>
#include <FCam/FCam.h>
#include <FCam/Action.h>
#include <FCam/Device.h>
/* An FCam Device to flash one of the LEDs on the front of the device at capture time. */
class LEDBlinker : public FCam::Device {
* An action representing the blinking of the front LED
class BlinkAction : public FCam::CopyableAction<BlinkAction> {
/* Constructors and destructor */
BlinkAction(LEDBlinker * b);
BlinkAction(LEDBlinker * b, int time);
/* Implementation of doAction() as required */
void doAction() {blinker->blink();}
LEDBlinker *blinker;
int size;
/* Normally, this is where a device would add metadata tags to a
* just-created frame , based on the timestamps in the
* Frame. However, we don't have anything useful to add here, so
* tagFrame does nothing. */
void tagFrame(FCam::Frame) {}
/* Flashes the LED */
void blink();
/* Returns latency in microseconds. Zero is a reasonable approximate for this device. */
int getLatency() {return 0;}