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Title: Welcome to wallog
Author: Michael Demetriou
Date: 2014-08-31


wallog is a simple, themeable, hopefully modular, blog management system, inspired by PicoCms and mainly targeted to developers. Just clone it, change config.php and prefs.php and start adding content in this folder. Every post is a seperate file, and formatting is done using markdown.

How to install

You will have to edit prefs.php and config.php. The configuration is split in two in order to be able to add config.php which is server-dependent in .gitignore and still be able to version the changes in preferences.

Because of this it is possible to maintain two instances of wallog in a single git repository as branches. If you keep master unchanged you will also be able to apply updates to your production blog(s) by merging master.

I usually init a bare repo outside public_html on my server and set this up as a remote. Then I create a post_receive hook that reads like this:

GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/public_html git checkout -f

Then you just need to push master to that remote and your blog will be published. If you don't want to push master but another branch, you need to do this

git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/mybranch

inside the bare repo

Using a docker container

  1. Build the docker image

     $ docker build --build-arg BLOG_NAME=myblog -t myblog-docker .
  2. Run a container

     $ docker run -d -p 88:80 --name myblog myblog-docker
  3. Visit http://localhost:88/myblog/

How to write

Inspect this file, it's at content/posts/ Then copy it, change the headers, edit the post and just save it.

Metadata goes in a block at the top of each file, seperated from the actual post with two minus symbols --.

I usually put the headers in a code block so that it looks nice in Atom or similar editors


Wallog misses paging functionality for the time being.

In action

If you want to see wallog in action go here


Since b19cf6da I changed the style of the headers in each post because the old style messed up Atom's syntax highlighting, and was frankly, stupid.

If you have an older blog you'll need to update all your posts to the new style.


Wallog is a file based blog cms


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