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handle __pycache__ file removal

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commit 0569324855d9d1e5efe6e9527d4c649a3472a82b 1 parent 0a18db2
@qwcode authored
3  pip/
@@ -1,11 +1,14 @@
"""Stuff that differs in different Python versions"""
import os
+import imp
import sys
import site
__all__ = ['WindowsError']
+uses_pycache = hasattr(imp,'cache_from_source')
WindowsError = WindowsError
except NameError:
17 pip/
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
from email.parser import FeedParser
import os
+import imp
import pkg_resources
import re
import sys
@@ -13,13 +14,13 @@
from pip.vcs import vcs
from pip.log import logger
-from pip.util import display_path, rmtree, is_pypy
+from pip.util import display_path, rmtree
from pip.util import ask, ask_path_exists, backup_dir
from pip.util import is_installable_dir, is_local, dist_is_local, dist_in_usersite
from pip.util import renames, normalize_path, egg_link_path, dist_in_site_packages
from pip.util import make_path_relative
from pip.util import call_subprocess
-from pip.backwardcompat import (urlparse, urllib,
+from pip.backwardcompat import (urlparse, urllib, uses_pycache,
ConfigParser, string_types, HTTPError,
get_python_version, b)
from pip.index import Link
@@ -448,6 +449,8 @@ def uninstall(self, auto_confirm=False):
for installed_file in dist.get_metadata('installed-files.txt').splitlines():
path = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(egg_info_path, installed_file))
+ #FIXME: need a test for this elif block
+ #occurs with --single-version-externally-managed/--record outside of pip
elif dist.has_metadata('top_level.txt'):
if dist.has_metadata('namespace_packages.txt'):
namespaces = dist.get_metadata('namespace_packages.txt')
@@ -1435,13 +1438,9 @@ def add(self, path):
- #workaround for pip issue #626 (debian pypy creates __pycache__ folders)
- if is_pypy:
- head, tail = os.path.split(path)
- tail_root, tail_ext = os.path.splitext(tail)
- if tail_ext == '.py':
- pycache_path = os.path.join(head, '__pycache__', tail_root + '.pypy-%d%d.pyc' % sys.pypy_version_info[:2])
- self.add(pycache_path)
+ # __pycache__ files can show up after 'installed-files.txt' is created, due to imports
+ if os.path.splitext(path)[1] == '.py' and uses_pycache:
+ self.add(imp.cache_from_source(path))
def add_pth(self, pth_file, entry):
1  pip/
@@ -172,7 +172,6 @@ def is_svn_page(html):
return ('<title>[^<]*Revision \d+:', html)
and'Powered by (?:<a[^>]*?>)?Subversion', html, re.I))
-is_pypy = hasattr(sys, 'pypy_version_info')
def file_contents(filename):
fp = open(filename, 'rb')
17 tests/
@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ def test_simple_uninstall():
env = reset_env()
result = run_pip('install', 'INITools==0.2')
assert join(env.site_packages, 'initools') in result.files_created, sorted(result.files_created.keys())
+ #the import forces the generation of __pycache__ if the version of python supports it
+'python', '-c', "import initools")
result2 = run_pip('uninstall', 'INITools', '-y')
assert_all_changes(result, result2, [env.venv/'build', 'cache'])
@@ -36,6 +38,19 @@ def test_uninstall_with_scripts():
assert_all_changes(result, result2, [env.venv/'build', 'cache'])
+def test_uninstall_easy_install_after_import():
+ """
+ Uninstall an easy_installed package after it's been imported
+ """
+ env = reset_env()
+ result ='easy_install', 'INITools==0.2', expect_stderr=True)
+ #the import forces the generation of __pycache__ if the version of python supports it
+'python', '-c', "import initools")
+ result2 = run_pip('uninstall', 'INITools', '-y')
+ assert_all_changes(result, result2, [env.venv/'build', 'cache'])
def test_uninstall_namespace_package():
Uninstall a distribution with a namespace package without clobbering
@@ -66,6 +81,8 @@ def test_uninstall_overlapping_package():
result2 = run_pip('install', child_pkg, expect_error=False)
assert join(env.site_packages, 'child') in result2.files_created, sorted(result2.files_created.keys())
assert normpath(join(env.site_packages, 'parent/plugins/')) in result2.files_created, sorted(result2.files_created.keys())
+ #the import forces the generation of __pycache__ if the version of python supports it
+'python', '-c', "import parent.plugins.child_plugin, child")
result3 = run_pip('uninstall', '-y', 'child', expect_error=False)
assert join(env.site_packages, 'child') in result3.files_deleted, sorted(result3.files_created.keys())
assert normpath(join(env.site_packages, 'parent/plugins/')) in result3.files_deleted, sorted(result3.files_deleted.keys())
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