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generate error in test same way as pip.req

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1 parent 324a6e2 commit 27cf4ac6d94285759e1d2cee42b1c0111034dcd7 @qwcode committed
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@@ -189,6 +189,8 @@ def test_install_user_in_global_virtualenv_with_conflict_fails(self):
env = reset_env(system_site_packages=True)
result1 = run_pip('install', 'INITools==0.2')
result2 = run_pip('install', '--user', 'INITools==0.1', expect_error=True)
+ resultp ='python', '-c', "import pkg_resources; print(pkg_resources.get_distribution('initools').location)")
+ dist_location = resultp.stdout.strip()
assert result2.stdout.startswith("Will not install to the user site because it will lack sys.path precedence to %s in %s"
- %('INITools',env.root_path / env.site_packages)), result2.stdout
+ %('INITools', dist_location)), result2.stdout

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