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Qwerby CSS

Open Source development of the Qwerby CSS Framework - ReadMe:

Initial Date: March 28, 2019

After exploring vast amounts of CSS frameworks we have come to the conclusion to develop our own version of a CSS framework with the help of a CSS Reset (TBD). Our goal is to not only develop it but open source it and we welcome you to help test it. This framework will have a working name of: Qwerby CSS and at the moment be developed without JS, but you nay use vanilla JavaScript to extend the functionality. Now we move forward and welcome to the future...


what is required in no particular order...

Cards: Image Cards:

Avatar/ Image on top of info Image Cards (Alternate Aside) image to the left of content (excerpt) image to tge right of content (excerpt) Banners:

Large Small Navigation:

Menu (Sides L|R) Menu (Top|Bottom)

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