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The home page of the Loyc Core Libraries is http://core.loyc.net. See also http://loyc.net.

Project List

  • Loyc.Essentials: A library of interfaces and small services that are "missing" from the MS BCL.
  • Loyc.Collections: a library of sophisticated data structures including VLists, persistent hashtables (Set/MSet/Map/MMap), ALists, and my favorite, the hash tree types Set<T>, MSet<T>, Map<T> and MMap<T>.
  • Loyc.Syntax: Loyc trees, LES printer and parser, SourceRange/SourcePos, helper classes for lexing/parsing, CodeSymbols
  • Loyc.Utilities: Miscellaneous code; notably contains a bunch of geometry algorithms and extension methods.
  • Tests project: Front end that invokes most of the unit tests. Also, some random benchmark code.
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