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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
namespace Loyc.Collections
/// <summary>Holds the Count property found in nearly all collection interfaces.</summary>
/// <remarks>
/// Microsoft has made this interface unusable by not defining it themselves in
/// .NET 4.5. Now that I've replaced my original interface
/// <code>
/// interface ISource&lt;out T> : IEnumerable&lt;T>, ICount {}
/// </code>
/// with Microsoft's IReadOnlyCollection(T), the compiler complains constantly about
/// "Ambiguity between IReadOnlyCollection(T).Count and ICount.Count". Eliminating
/// ICount from most places seems to be the only solution.
/// </remarks>
public interface ICount : IIsEmpty
/// <summary>Gets the number of items in the collection.</summary>
int Count { get; }
/// <summary>Holds the IsEmpty property that tells you if a collection is empty.</summary>
public interface IIsEmpty
bool IsEmpty { get; }
/// <summary>
/// This class contains extension methods that are provided as part of various
/// Loyc.Collections interfaces. For example, it provides methods such as IndexOf(),
/// Contains() and CopyTo(), that the traditional <see cref="ICollection{T}"/>
/// and <see cref="IList{T}"/> interfaces require the author to write himself.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// For covariant collections such as <see cref="IReadOnlyCollection{T}"/> and <see
/// cref="IListSource{T}"/>, the CLR actually prohibits methods such as
/// Contains(T) and IndexOf(T), because T is not allowed in "input" positions.
/// Therefore, these extension methods must be used to fill the gap. Even
/// methods such as <i>bool TryGet(int, out T)</i> are prohibited, so TryGet()
/// has the signature <i>T TryGet(ref bool failed)</i> instead, and extension
/// methods provide the original version of the method in addition.
/// </remarks>
public static partial class LCInterfaces
/// <summary>Returns true if the collection contains any elements.</summary>
public static bool Any(this ICount c) { return c.Count > 0; }
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