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// Defines enhanced enumerators:
// - IBinumerator<T>: bidirectional enumerator
// - IMEnumerator<T>: unidirectional, mutable enumerator
// - IMBinumerator<T>: bidirectional, mutable enumerator
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
namespace Loyc.Collections
/// <summary>Extends the "enumerator" concept to allow backward enumeration.</summary>
/// <remarks>
/// When MoveNext() returns false, indicating that there are no more elements,
/// you can still call MovePrev() to go back to the previous element.
/// </remarks>
public interface IBinumerator<T> : IEnumerator<T>
bool MovePrev();
// Implementing IEnumerator is such a pain in the butt.
// Copy and paste to get started:
public bool MovePrev()
public bool MoveNext()
public T Current
get { return TODO; }
void IDisposable.Dispose() { }
object System.Collections.IEnumerator.Current { get { return Current; } }
public void Reset() { throw new NotSupportedException(); }
/// <summary>A mutable enumerator interface. Provides a "Remove" method like
/// Java iterators have, and allows you to modify the current item.</summary>
/// <remarks>Please note, not all collections will support "Remove".</remarks>
interface IMEnumerator<T> : IEnumerator<T>
/// <summary>Gets or sets the value of the current item.</summary>
new T Current { get; set; }
/// <summary>Removes the current item and moves to the next one. Remember
/// NOT to call MoveNext() immediately after Remove().</summary>
/// <returns>True if there is a next item after this one,
/// false if the removed item was the last one.</returns>
/// <exception cref="NotSupportedException">The collection does not permit
/// this operation.</exception>
bool Remove();
/// <summary>A mutable bidirectional enumerator interface. Please note that
/// the "Remove" method always moves to the next item, even though the
/// Binumerator is capable of moving backward.</summary>
interface IMBinumerator<T> : IBinumerator<T>, IMEnumerator<T>
/// <summary>Interface for a collection that can return <see cref="IBinumerator{T}"/>s
/// pointing to the beginning and end of the collection.</summary>
interface IBinumerable<T>
/// <summary>Returns a binumerator that points before the beginning of the current collection.</summary>
IBinumerator<T> Begin();
/// <summary>Returns a binumerator that points after the end of the current collection.</summary>
IBinumerator<T> End();
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