Oct 8, 2017
Created new project for vsix for VS2017.
Note: Before building this, the outputs in Bin\Release.NET45 must be copied to Lib\LeMP.
But to build the VS2010 version, the outputs in Bin\Release.NET4 must be copied to Lib\LeMP.
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NEW: LeMP and syntax highlighting has been combined into a single Visual Studio extension! If you're using Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017, just download and run LeMP_VisualStudio.vsix (be sure to uninstall any older versions first). If you're using an old version of Visual Studio, download LeMP2.6.2.zip instead and use LoycFileGeneratorForVs.exe which supports VS2008 through VS2015; v2.6.2 will probably be the last release that supports your old version.

LeMP2.6.2.zip contains the Loyc library DLLs for version 2.6.2; generally it is recommended to use NuGet packages instead, but AppVeyor's automatic updating of NuGet packages is broken at the moment. The zip file also contains two installers for older versions of Visual Studio: LoycFileGeneratorForVs.exe installs the single-file generator and LoycSyntaxForVs.vsix installs syntax highlighting only.

Please visit the following links to learn about recent changes:

@qwertie qwertie released this Jan 10, 2017 · 60 commits to master since this release

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This release is virtually the same as the previous one. Testing whether AppVeyor will automatically publish NuGet packages.

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Please visit the following links regarding

The main new features are

  • #useSequenceExpressions;, which is used near the top of an EC# file to enable the quick-bind operator :: and in-situ declaration of out and ref variables as in int.TryParse(s, out int x)
  • LLLPG now supports an ANTLR-style input mode in which grammars can look very similar to ANTLR grammars (see here for more information)

@qwertie qwertie released this Mar 23, 2016 · 263 commits to master since this release

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  • Unveiled the Macro Reference Manual
  • Added macros: includeFile (aka #include), #set (aka #setScopedProperty), #snippet (aka #setScopedPropertyQuote), #get (aka #getScopedProperty), and replacePP (replace plus preprocessing of initial parameters).
  • MacroProcessorTask introduces two global-scoped Symbols, #inputFolder and #inputFile.
  • Eliminated #haveContractRewriter and #setAssertMethod macros, since you can now just use #set #haveContractRewriter and #snippet #assertMethod = AssertMethod;
  • Renamed on_error_catch to on_throw_catch so that it's made of keywords.
  • Code contracts:
    • Introduced [ensuresFinally], which checks a postcondition in finally
    • Changed Contract Attribute error messages to match MS Code Contracts
    • Code contract attributes now support lambda functions
  • Changed public interface of LeMP.Compiler to make it a bit more flexible and easier to use
  • ParsingService: added global language "registration" feature.
  • Loyc.Essentials: added TryGetValue extension method for IReadOnlyDictionary.
  • Misc., e.g. renamed some members of Loyc.Ecs.Parser.TokenType
  • Bug fix to IMacroContext: made macro dictionary fully immutable

Instructions: Please extract the zip file to its own folder. Run mono LeMP.exe --editor to try it out on Linux. To use in Visual Studio, run LoycFileGeneratorForVs.exe to install VS Custom Tool, and run LoycSyntaxForVs.vsix to install the syntax highlighter.