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"simplertime" time-of-day library

Parses and prints time values stored as Date or number (number of milliseconds since midnight).

  • 1.6KB minified
  • Parses many formats: 12, 1234, 12:34, 12:34pm, 12:34 PM, 12:34:56 pm, 12:34:56.789
  • Understands UTC and local time
  • Full documentation is in the source code (for IntelliSense).


import { parseTime, timeToString, timeToStringUTC } from 'simplertime';

var now =;
console.log("Local time (24-hour clock, no seconds): " + 
            timeToString(now, {use24hourTime: true, showSeconds: false}));
console.log("Local time (12-hour clock with seconds): " +
            timeToString(now, {showSeconds: true}));

var fmt = {
  am: " in the morning", 
  pm: " in the afternoon", 
  evening: " at night"
var later = now + parseTime("7:15"); // add 7 hours and 15 minutes
console.log("Seven hours and 15 minutes later is " + timeToString(later, fmt));
console.log("Which in UTC time is .............. " + timeToStringUTC(later, fmt));
console.log("Noon UTC converted to local time is " +
            timeToString(parseTime("12PM"), fmt));
console.log("Noon local time converted to UTC is " +
            timeToStringUTC(parseTime("12PM", new Date()), fmt));

This package was made to help people learn TypeScript & React.


Parser and formatter for time-of-day values in Date



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