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Kotlin DSL for Selenium. Provide a possibility to write tests in Kotlin type-safe builders style
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DSL for Selenium. Provide a possibility to write tests in Kotlin type-safe builders style


driver(ChromeDriver()) { 
    elementByClass("login") {

    elementByName("password") {
    element(By.className("search")) {
    wait(10) {
        elementVisibilityById("result-item") {
            elementByClass("salary") {
                item.salary = text

Total function list

Driver builders

driver(driver: WebDriver) {}

chromeDriver {}

chromeDriver(pathToDriver: String) {}

firefoxDriver {}

firefoxDriver(pathToDriver: String) {}

WebDriver and WebElement element builders

element(by: By) {}

elementById(id: String) {}

elementByClass(className: String) {}

elementByName(name: String) {}

elementBySelector(selector: String) {}

elementByXpath(selector: String) {}

WebDriver and WebElement element list builders

elements(by: By) {}

elementsById(id: String) {}

elementsByClass(className: String) {}

elementsByName(name: String) {}

elementsBySelector(selector: String) {}

elementsByXpath(selector: String) {}

WebDriver and WebElement element exists functions

elementExists(by: By): Boolean

elementByIdExists(id: String): Boolean

elementByClassExists(className: String): Boolean

elementByNameExists(name: String): Boolean

elementBySelectorExists(selector: String): Boolean

elementByXpathExists(selector: String): Boolean

WebDriver WebDriverWait builder

wait(timeout: Long) {}

WebDriverWait element visibility builders

elementVisibility(by: By) {}

elementVisibilityById(id: String) {}

elementVisibilityByClass(className: String) {}

elementVisibilityByName(name: String) {}

elementVisibilityBySelector(selector: String) {}

elementVisibilityByXpath(xpath: String) {}

WebDriverWait element invisibility functions

elementInvisibility(by: By): Boolean

elementInvisibilityById(id: String): Boolean

elementInvisibilityByClass(className: String): Boolean

elementInvisibilityByName(name: String): Boolean

elementInvisibilityBySelector(selector: String): Boolean

elementInvisibilityByXpath(xpath: String): Boolean

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