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Port of the Arduino IDE, core, libraries and bootloader to support the Atmel XMEGA family of chips.

Currently supported boards:

  • AVR xplain board
  • Akafuino X board
  • Sparkfun xmega100 breakout board

The following boards should work with a little tweaking:

  • Magnetovore
  • Megavore
  • Boston Android

This project has replaced the xmegaduino project on Google Code ( and has been active since September 2011. It supersedes the earlier xplainduino.


Download from here.

  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux


  • AVR xplain board

The LUFA project provides a replacement USB firmware that can act as a PDI programmer. You can also use a PDI programmer such as the AVR Dragon.

Requires a PDI programmer, such as the AVR Dragon in order to upload sketches and burn bootloaders.

Comes with a bootloader pre-installed and can be used directly from the Xmegaduino IDE.


The Xmegaduino project is beta quality, and not all the features of the Arduino IDE are supported yet.

Working features:

  • digitalRead and digitalWrite
  • millis and delay
  • micros and delayMicroseconds
  • Serial on USB (USARTC0), Serial1 on pins D2/D3 (USARTD0) and Serial2 on D6/D7 (USARTD1).
  • analogRead
  • analogWrite
  • attachInterrupt, detachInterrupt, interrupts, noInterrupts
  • Upload using bootloader over usb port, D2/3, or D6/7.
  • Burning bootloader from arduino IDE
  • DAC (using xmDAC library)
  • Wire
  • shiftOut, shiftIn, pulseIn (not tested)
  • tone
  • SPI library
  • EEPROM library


  • analogReference
  • Ethernet library
  • Servo library
  • Stepper library


Beta4b (based on Arduino 1.0.1-rc2) (2012-04-19):

  • Updated only for Mac OS X, removed dynamic dependencies on avr-gcc.

Beta4 (based on Arduino 1.0.1-rc2):

  • New avr-gcc 4.5.1, avr-libc 1.7.1 for all platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32/64)
  • Linux now comes with bundled avr-gcc and avr-libc
  • Use correct SPI port on Akafuino X (pin 10-13)
  • Upload sketch to XPlain using PDI
  • Translated to 23 different languages (Thanks to Arduino)

Beta3 (based on Arduino 1.0):

Big thanks goes out to Brendan Powers and Russell for their contributions

  • xmDAC now works again
  • EEPROM library fixed
  • All baud rates are now dynamically calculated
  • SPI library ported
  • shiftIn function implemented
  • tone implemented using timer TCC1
  • LEVEL interrupt mode
  • Replicated Arduino's pullup behavior when writing to an input pin
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