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Qwertycoin Community Projects

This document will explain what we mean when we say something is a 'Qwertycoin Community Project'

_NOTE: If you're taking the time to read this document, I already like you, because you saw the word "Community" and you had to click it. Please say hello in the chat when you make an account, we'd love to meet you! _

What does 'Community Project' mean?

When we mark a repository as a "Community Project", it signifies that this is a project created and maintained by a Qwertycoin community member. Usually, it is a volunteer effort of one or more community members. There might be periods where the developers of a Community Project get busy during finals in school or have to finish up a large deal at the office, and updates might not come out as often as a full-time dev team would produce. Usually, this isn't the case, and these projects become a labor of love, so we hope this document shows you how to submit new feature requests for your favorite projects, and maybe even fix a bug or two!

How to contribute to a project you like

You might see a project you like that needs a better readme, or has spelling mistakes in the directions, and maybe if you're feeling generous you'd like to see it fixed, great! We make this really easy on all of our projects. For those of you not familiar with GitHub, you can click the little pencil on the document you want to submit a correction for, and it will create a copy for you to edit and then submit as a "pull-request". Sounds scary! This is really just you seeing an error in a book, copying the page and adding your corrections to it, and then sending it back to the publisher.

image (In this image, if you wanted to complete the empty README file with directions or a guide, you could click the pencil icon on the right, and the interface walks you through submitting your changes as a pull request!)

TIP: Some 'contributors' who submit corrections, and some 'developers' who submit code patches will notice that their username in the community discord changes color... and mysterious abilities may appear... This is normal :) Shhhh!


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