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Qwertycoin Web Wallet

This web wallet is doing everything client-side to give the best privacy to users.


No keys, seeds, or sensitive data is sent to the server
Encryption is done with a certified library, Tweetnacl.Js.

Features (non-exhaustive)

  • Complete wallet sync without server side processing for security
  • Receive/send history
  • Mempool support to check incoming transfers
  • Send coins - including QR code scanning
  • Receive page to generate a custom QR code
  • Import from private keys, mnemonic seed, or json file (exported by the wallet)
  • Export private keys, mnemonic phrase, or json file (which include all the history)
  • View only wallet
  • Basic network stats

How to compile & Deploy

The project is using Typescript as main language everything else (dependencies) is already included.


The first step will be to compile the typescript code into javascript code so browsers will be able to understand it. You also need to build some files that are dynamically generated like the manifest ... This task is doable with :

npm install
nodejs ./node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc --project tsconfig.json
nodejs build.js

The first task install dependencies (typescript) and the text one compile the typescript code. We are using a custom tsconfig file which is optimized for production.


All the content of the src directory needs to be exposed with a web-server.

Change configuration

You will have to edit the file src/config.ts in order to change the API endpoint.



QWC: QWC1Dx9NNGkHCkgRgeF9fhEskhg5ddiDJGVXdGBwqW7CXqKHZe6gzxuhLzWZwBVTbeAofBPe6mSkeedRuFuxRwunAG7KBLYTgB
BTC: 1DkocMNiqFkbjhCmG4sg9zYQbi4YuguFWw
ETH: 0xA660Fb28C06542258bd740973c17F2632dff2517
BCH: qz975ndvcechzywtz59xpkt2hhdzkzt3vvt8762yk9
XMR: 47gmN4GMQ17Veur5YEpru7eCQc5A65DaWUThZa9z9bP6jNMYXPKAyjDcAW4RzNYbRChEwnKu1H3qt9FPW9CnpwZgNscKawX
ETN: etnkJXJFqiH9FCt6Gq2HWHPeY92YFsmvKX7qaysvnV11M796Xmovo2nSu6EUCMnniqRqAhKX9AQp31GbG3M2DiVM3qRDSQ5Vwq

Contributors and thanks


  • gnock (main)
  • cryptochangements
  • davehlong (initial adaptation of PHP Api for Bytecoin based coins)
  • aiwe (adapted for Bytecoin/CryptoNote from Monero codebase)
  • nnian, ExploShot (adapted for Qwertycoin codebase)


Incomplete Translations: