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Visualizes Qwertycoin Nodes on the World Map
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Qwertycoin nodes map

Visualizes Qwertycoin nodes on the map.

What you need

You need a running qwertycoind on the same system on Port 8197 or change line 8 in location.js

How to run

install and run freegeoip

cd ~
tar xvfz freegeoip-3.2-linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd freegeoip-3.2-linux-amd64
chmod +x freegeoip
./freegeoip --quota-max 0

and run npm i sudo node app.js Open

It's caching nodes' ips every 24 hrs into .cache folder.



BTC: 1DkocMNiqFkbjhCmG4sg9zYQbi4YuguFWw
ETH: 0xA660Fb28C06542258bd740973c17F2632dff2517
BCH: qz975ndvcechzywtz59xpkt2hhdzkzt3vvt8762yk9
XMR: 47gmN4GMQ17Veur5YEpru7eCQc5A65DaWUThZa9z9bP6jNMYXPKAyjDcAW4RzNYbRChEwnKu1H3qt9FPW9CnpwZgNscKawX
ETN: etnkJXJFqiH9FCt6Gq2HWHPeY92YFsmvKX7qaysvnV11M796Xmovo2nSu6EUCMnniqRqAhKX9AQp31GbG3M2DiVM3qRDSQ5Vwq


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