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K8s-native backups and disaster recovery for PostgreSQL
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Kubernetes-native backups and disaster recovery for PostgreSQL, battle tested in production environment.

Current stage: BETA


Designed to automate:

  • backup creation;
  • backup restoration;
  • backup testing.


  • No vendor lock-in, you can deploy it to your own k8s installation;
  • Based on original PostgreSQL docker images - no introduced bugs or backdoors;
  • Uses original PostgreSQL configuration file - no wrappers like DSL or YAML, you can configure it your own way.

Relies on utilizing kubernetes built-in entities (ConfigMap, Secret, StatefulSet, etc.) solely, without any CRD's.

Testing with Minikube

Just run the This script will ask your cedentials for AWS S3 to save WAL and backups and set password for postgres user. This script will also save these credentials to test/secret.yml so you won't have to input them every time you run this script.

user@localhost:~/Documents/k8spg$ ./ 
There is a newer version of minikube available (v1.1.0).  Download it here:

To disable this notification, run the following:
minikube config set WantUpdateNotification false
[Tue, 28 May 2019 18:50:32 +0300] Minikube is up
Set superuser password:
Enter your S3 bucket URL (e. g. s3://bucket/path/to/folder):
Enter your AWS AMI key id:
Enter your AWS AMI secret key:
secret/k8spg created
[Tue, 28 May 2019 18:53:46 +0300] Credentials uploaded to minikube and saved for reuse in ./test/secret.yml
configmap/k8spg created
service/k8spg created
statefulset.apps/k8spg created

Running in your K8s cluster

Currently, k8spg ships as YAML manifests for Kubernetes in k8s directory. Feel free to adjust them to your liking (e. g. change the namespace or StatefulSet name). After saving your changes, create k8s secret with your AWS S3 credentials and postgres user password with the following command:

kubectl create secret generic k8spg \
  --from-literal=postgres-password=MY_SECURE_PASSWORD \
  --from-literal=aws-s3-url=MY_S3_URL \
  --from-literal=aws-key-id=MY_AWS_KEY_ID \

Create k8spg configmap from files in conf directory:

kubectl create configmap k8spg --from-file=./conf

Run k8spg:

kubectl create -f ./k8s/


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