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Send text to REPLs and other places
Python Vim script
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Vim-SEnter enables you to send text from nvim to REPLs or other places.

It has builtin support for

  • Jupyter Console
  • Jupyter Notebook (additional dependency needed)
  • GHCi (stack ghci)

Other REPLs can be added, if you need nothing fancy, adding support for a new REPL is just a few lines of configuration.

General Workflow

Here is one workflow for Jupyter Console, other REPLs are similar, but may vary.

  • Open a buffer, say /tmp/, type some Python in it.

  • Visually select the lines you want to send, and press <Enter> to send it. Other sending methods, like <S-Enter> to send the current cell, (:help senter-cell), and sending by range are also supported.

  • A jupyter console will be automatically started in a vertical split and the text you just sent will be executed in it.


This plugin requires neovim and Python 3.6+. (Support for vim and Python 2 will not be added, support for 3 =< python < 3.6 can be easily added, the requirement of 3.6 comes from the use of f-string).

Just use your nvim's plugin manager to install it. For example, if you are using vim-plug:

Plug 'qwfy/vim-senter', { 'do': ':UpdateRemotePlugins' }

If you are using other plugin managers, don't forget to execute :UpdateRemotePlugins after installing this plugin.

The Jupyter Console works out of the box.

If you want to send to Jupyter Notebook, you also need to install jupyter-nbportal, the pika Python library (pip install pika will do), and be sure to have a look at :help senter-jupyter-nbportal.

Usage, Customization and Support for New REPLs

Guide for these can be found at :help senter.

First have a look at the senter-quick-start section, then head to a specific transport and target, like senter-jupyter-console.

If your choice of targets doesn't have a builtin support, or you are not happy with the builtin support for Jupyter Console or Jupyter Notebook, head to the section senter-details and section senter-extend-example.

Similar Project

You may also want to consider the jpalardy/vim-slime, which is implemented in VimL. I used it for a few months, it supports more REPLs by default.

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