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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#pylint: disable=W0142
When's My Transport?
A Twitter bot that takes requests for a bus or Tube, and replies the real-time data from TfL on Twitter
This is a parent classes used by all three bots, handling common functionality between them all, such as (but not limited to)
loading the databases, config, connecting to Twitter, reading @ replies, replying to them, checking new followers, following them back
as well as models and classes for useful constructs such as Trains and Stations
The WhensMyBus and WhensMyTrain classes handle looking up route, line, station and stop locations and names, and processing
data using the respective services' APIs
(c) 2011-12 Chris Applegate (chris AT qwghlm DOT co DOT uk)
Released under the MIT License
# Standard libraries of Python 2.6
from abc import abstractmethod, ABCMeta
import ConfigParser
import logging
import os
import re
import traceback
from pprint import pprint # For debugging
# From library modules in this package
from lib.browser import WMTBrowser, WMTURLProvider
from lib.exceptions import WhensMyTransportException
from lib.geo import convertWGS84toOSEastingNorthing, gridrefNumToLet, YahooGeocoder
from lib.logger import setup_logging
from lib.twitterclient import WMTTwitterClient, is_direct_message
# Some constants we use
HOME_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
class WhensMyTransport:
Parent class for all WhensMy* bots, with common functions shared by all
__metaclass__ = ABCMeta
def __init__(self, instance_name, testing=TESTING_NONE):
Read config and set up logging, settings database, geocoding and Twitter OAuth
# Instance name is something like 'whensmybus', 'whensmytube'
self.instance_name = instance_name
# Try opening the file first just to see if it exists, exception caught below
config_file = 'config.cfg'
open(HOME_DIR + '/' + config_file)
config = ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser({'debug_level': 'INFO',
'yahoo_app_id': None}) + '/' + config_file)
config.get(self.instance_name, 'debug_level')
except (ConfigParser.Error, IOError):
error_string = "Fatal error: can't find a valid config file for %s." % self.instance_name
error_string += " Please make sure there is a %s file in this directory" % config_file
raise RuntimeError(error_string)
# Setup debugging
debug_level = config.get(self.instance_name, 'debug_level')
setup_logging(self.instance_name, testing, debug_level)
if testing == TESTING_TEST_LOCAL_DATA:"In TEST MODE - No Tweets will be made and local test data will be used!")
elif testing == TESTING_TEST_LIVE_DATA:"In TEST MODE - No Tweets will be made! Will be using LIVE TfL data")
# Name of the admin so we know who to alert if there is an issue
self.admin_name = config.get(self.instance_name, 'admin_name')
# Setup browser for JSON & XML
self.browser = WMTBrowser()
self.urls = WMTURLProvider(use_test_data=(testing == TESTING_TEST_LOCAL_DATA))
# These get overridden by subclasses
self.geodata = None
self.parser = None
# Setup geocoder for looking up place names
yahoo_app_id = config.get(self.instance_name, 'yahoo_app_id')
self.geocoder = yahoo_app_id and YahooGeocoder(yahoo_app_id)
# Setup Twitter client
self.username = config.get(self.instance_name, 'username')
consumer_key = config.get(self.instance_name, 'consumer_key')
consumer_secret = config.get(self.instance_name, 'consumer_secret')
access_token = config.get(self.instance_name, 'key')
access_token_secret = config.get(self.instance_name, 'secret')
self.twitter_client = WMTTwitterClient(self.instance_name, consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token, access_token_secret, testing)
# The following can be overridden by child classes - whether to allow blank tweets,
# and what the default route should be if none is given
self.allow_blank_tweets = False
self.default_requested_route = None
def check_tweets(self):
Check incoming Tweets, and reply to them
tweets = self.twitter_client.fetch_tweets()
logging.debug("%s Tweets to process", len(tweets))
for tweet in tweets:
# If the Tweet is not valid (e.g. not directly addressed, from ourselves) then skip it
if not self.validate_tweet(tweet):
# Try processing the Tweet. This may fail with a WhensMyTransportException for a number of reasons, in which
# case we catch the exception and process an apology accordingly. Other Python Exceptions may occur too - we handle
# these by DMing the admin with an alert
replies = self.process_tweet(tweet)
except WhensMyTransportException as exc:
replies = (exc.get_user_message(),)
except Exception as exc:
logging.error("Exception encountered: %s", exc.__class__.__name__)
logging.error("Traceback:\r\n%s" % traceback.format_exc())
self.alert_admin_about_exception(tweet, exc.__class__.__name__)
replies = (WhensMyTransportException('unknown_error').get_user_message(),)
# If the reply is blank, probably didn't contain a bus number or Tube line, so check to see if there was a thank-you
if not replies:
replies = self.check_politeness(tweet)
# Send a reply back, if we have one. DMs and @ replies have different structures and different handlers
for reply in replies:
if is_direct_message(tweet):
self.twitter_client.send_reply_back(reply, tweet.sender.screen_name, True,
self.twitter_client.send_reply_back(reply, tweet.user.screen_name, False,
def validate_tweet(self, tweet):
Check to see if a Tweet is valid (i.e. we want to reply to it), and returns True if so
Tweets from ourselves, and mentions that are not directly addressed to us, returns False
message = tweet.text
# Bit of logging, plus we always return True for DMs
if is_direct_message(tweet):"Have a DM from %s: %s", tweet.sender.screen_name, message)
return True
username = tweet.user.screen_name"Have an @ reply from %s: %s", username, message)
# Don't start talking to yourself
if username == self.username:
logging.debug("Not talking to myself, that way madness lies")
return False
# Ignore mentions that are not direct replies
if not message.lower().startswith('@%s' % self.username.lower()):
logging.debug("Not a proper @ reply, skipping")
return False
return True
def process_tweet(self, tweet):
Process a single Tweet object and return a list of strings (replies), one per route or line
'@whensmybus 341 from Clerkenwell' produces
'341 Clerkenwell Road to Waterloo 1241; Rosebery Avenue to Angel Road 1247'
Each reply might be more than 140 characters
No replies at all are given if the message is a thank-you or does not include a route or line
# Don't do anything if this is a thank-you
if self.check_politeness(tweet):
logging.debug("This Tweet is a thank-you Tweet, skipping")
return []
# Get route number, from and to from the message
message = self.sanitize_message(tweet.text)
logging.debug("Message from user: %s", message)
(requested_routes, origin, destination, direction) = self.parser.parse_message(message)
# If no routes found, we may be able to deduce from origin or position if we have specified a default requested route
if not requested_routes and self.default_requested_route and (origin or self.tweet_has_geolocation(tweet)):
logging.debug("No line name detected, going to try %s for now and see if that works", self.default_requested_route)
requested_routes = [self.default_requested_route]
if not requested_routes:
logging.debug("No routes or lines detected on this Tweet, cannot determine position, skipping")
return []
# If no origin specified, let's see if we have co-ordinates on the Tweet
if not origin:
position = self.get_tweet_geolocation(tweet, message)
position = None
replies = []
for requested_route in requested_routes:
replies.append(self.process_individual_request(requested_route, origin, destination, direction, position))
# Exceptions produced for an individual request are particular to a route/stop combination - e.g. the bus
# given does not stop at the stop given, so we just provide an error message for that circumstance, treat as
# a non-fatal error, and process the next one. The one case where there is a fatal error (TfL's servers are
# down), we raise this exception to be caught higher up by check_tweets()
except WhensMyTransportException as exc:
if exc.msgid == 'tfl_server_down':
return replies
def check_politeness(self, tweet):
Checks a Tweet for politeness. In case someone's just being nice to us, return a "No problem" else return an empty list
message = self.sanitize_message(tweet.text).lower()
if message.startswith('thanks') or message.startswith('thank you'):
return ("No problem :)",)
return ()
def sanitize_message(self, message):
Takes a message string, scrub out the @username of this bot and any #hashtags, and return the sanitized messages
# Remove hashtags and kisses at end
message = re.sub(r"\s#\w+\b", '', message)
message = re.sub(r"\sx+$", '', message)
# Remove usernames
if message.lower().startswith('@%s' % self.username.lower()):
message = message[len('@%s ' % self.username):].strip()
message = message.strip()
# Exception if the Tweet contains nothing useful
if not message and not self.allow_blank_tweets:
raise WhensMyTransportException('blank_%s_tweet' % self.instance_name.replace('whensmy', ''))
return message
def tweet_has_geolocation(self, tweet):
Returns True if the Tweet has geolocation data
# pylint: disable=R0201
return hasattr(tweet, 'geo') and tweet.geo and 'coordinates' in tweet.geo
def get_tweet_geolocation(self, tweet, user_request):
Ensure any geolocation on a Tweet is valid, and return the co-ordinates as a (latitude, longitude) tuple
if self.tweet_has_geolocation(tweet):
logging.debug("Detecting geolocation on Tweet")
position = tweet.geo['coordinates']
easting, northing = convertWGS84toOSEastingNorthing(*position)
# Grid reference provides us an easy way with checking to see if in the UK - it returns blank string if not in UK bounds
if not gridrefNumToLet(easting, northing):
raise WhensMyTransportException('not_in_uk')
# Check minimums & maximum numeric grid references - corresponding to Chesham (W), Shenfield (E), Dorking (S) and Potters Bar (N)
elif not (495000 <= easting <= 565000 and 145000 <= northing <= 205000):
raise WhensMyTransportException('not_in_london')
return position
# Some people (especially Tweetdeck users) add a Place on the Tweet, but not an accurate enough lat & long
elif hasattr(tweet, 'place') and
raise WhensMyTransportException('placeinfo_only', user_request)
# If there's no geoinformation at all then raise the appropriate exception
if hasattr(tweet, 'geo'):
raise WhensMyTransportException('no_geotag', user_request)
raise WhensMyTransportException('dms_not_taggable', user_request)
def process_individual_request(self, code, origin, destination, direction, position):
Abstract method. This must be overridden by a child class to do anything useful
Takes a code (e.g. a bus route or line name), origin, destination, direction and (latitude, longitude) tuple
Returns a string repesenting the message sent back to the user. This can be more than 140 characters
#pylint: disable=W0613,R0201
return ""
def get_departure_data(self, station_or_stops, line_or_route, must_stop_at, direction):
Abstract method. This must be overridden by a child class to do anything useful
Takes a string or list of strings representing a station or stop, and a string representing the line or route,
and a string representing the stop the line or route has to stop at
Returns a DepartureCollection object
#pylint: disable=W0613,R0201
return {}
def alert_admin_about_exception(self, tweet, exception_name):
Alert the administrator about a non-WhensMyTransportException encountered when processing a Tweet
if is_direct_message(tweet):
tweet_time = tweet.created_at.strftime('%d-%m-%y %H:%M:%S')
error_message = "Hey! A DM from @%s at %s GMT caused me to crash with a %s" % (tweet.sender.screen_name, tweet_time, exception_name)
twitter_permalink = "!/%s/status/%s" % (tweet.user.screen_name,
error_message = "Hey! A tweet from @%s caused me to crash with a %s: %s" % (tweet.user.screen_name, exception_name, twitter_permalink)
self.twitter_client.send_reply_back(error_message, self.admin_name, True)
if __name__ == "__main__":
print "Sorry, this file is not meant to be run directly. Please run either or"
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