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# Strings
# =======================================================================================
# This file contains all soft-coded strings of the theme.
# You can edit them here if you want to change the wording of certain phrases,
# e.g. maybe you prefer "Fetching…" to "Loading…", etc.
# You can also use this to "translate" the theme into different langauges,
# but note that this may not work in all situations,
# especially for languages that differ significantly from English.
# Free version
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
home: Home
pages: Pages
posts: Posts
about: About
related_posts: Related Posts
other_projects: Other Projects
comments: Comments
jump_to: Jump to
navigation: Navigation
social: Social
links: Links
pagination: Pagination
newer: Newer
older: Older
back: Back
permalink: Permalink
permalink_icon: icon-link
templates: Templates (for web app)
present: present
loading: Loading…
redirecting: Redirecting…
continue_reading: >
Continue reading <!--post_title-->
text: >
This site uses cookies. [Cookies Policy](/hydejack/cookies-policy/).
okay: Okay
title: '404: Page Not Found'
message: |
Sorry, we've misplaced that URL or it's pointing to something that doesn't exist.
<!--home_link--> to try finding it again.
home_link: Head back home
title: Error
message: |
Sorry, an error occurred while loading <!--link-->.
# Separators
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
colon: ':'
separator: '|'
category_start: 'in '
category_spearator: ' / '
tag_start: 'on '
tag_separator: ', '
from_to_separator: ''
# Date formats
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
post: '%d %b %Y'
related_post: '%d %b %Y'
list_group_by: '%Y'
list_entry: '%d %b'
project: '%Y'
projects_group_by: '%Y'
resume: '%b %Y'
# PRO Version
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# If you don't own the PRO version of Hydejack, modifying these will have no effect.
title: Newsletter
label: Email
button: Subscribe
message: |
Subscribe to my newsletter.
Open `_data/strings.yml` to edit this text.
more_projects: See <!--projects_title--> for more
more_posts: See <!--posts_title--> for more
location: Location
location_separator: ', '
email: Email
phone: Phone
website: Website
work: Experience
work_title: <!--position--> at <!--company-->
highlights: Highlights
volunteer: Volunteer
volunteer_title: <!--position--> at <!--organization-->
education: Education
education_title: <!--study_type--> in <!--area--> from <!--institution--> with GPA of <!--gpa-->
courses: Courses
awards: Awards
awards_title: <!--title--> from <!--awarder-->
publications: Publications
publications_title: <!--name--> by <!--publisher-->
references: References
languages: Languages
fluency: Fluency
skills: Skills
level: Level
interests: Interests
keywords: Keywords
fallback: icon-link
location: icon-location
email: icon-mail2
phone: icon-phone
website: icon-home3
work: icon-briefcase
volunteer: icon-earth
education: icon-library
awards: icon-trophy
publications: icon-book
references: icon-quotes-right
languages: icon-bubbles
skills: icon-wrench
interests: icon-heart