@qwtel qwtel released this Sep 1, 2018 · 17 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed an issue that prevented the drawer from working on iOS 10.
  • Changing the page via push state will now also update the link[rel=canonical] tag.
  • Changing the page via push state will now also update the meta[name=description] tag.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the JS from building on Netlify.

@qwtel qwtel released this Aug 21, 2018 · 30 commits to master since this release

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This release adds Dark Mode for Hydejack PRO customers.


  • Removed cookie banner from free version
  • Removed offline support from free version

In an attempt to make the PRO offering more appealing, I'm removing features that arguably should have never been included in the free version.
As software licenses go, nobody is stopping you from using the old code, but updates will no longer be included.


  • The cookies banners is now showing at the bottom of the page and its background color is no longer transparent to increase visibility
  • Changed the default syntax theme from "GitHub" to "Atom One Light"
  • Adapted figure CSS class to accommodate different children, not just imgs
  • video tags now have a max-width of 100%
  • Increased margin before headings to 5rem, up from 4
  • Increased margin of hr elements.
  • Cookies banner can now be enabled without using Google Analytics
  • Clicking the cookie banner "Okay" button will now fire a hy--cookies-ok event on document, so that custom analytics solutions can plug in.
  • All Google Analytics code has been removed from Hydejack's core and moved to _includes/body/analytics.js.
  • All Disqus code has been removed from Hydejack's core and moved to _includes/comments.html and _includes/my-comments.html.
  • Using CSS Custom Properties instead of SASS variables for certain properties to enable style customization using only CSS.
  • Added shadow to sidebar
  • Navbar is longer positioned fixed


  • [PRO] Added Dark Mode
  • border CSS class

@qwtel qwtel released this Jul 16, 2018 · 93 commits to master since this release

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So far Hydejack has been a decent Jekyll theme, but with v8 it really starts stand out among the competition: Beautiful and unique landing pages, lazy-loading images, and experimental offline support are just the most prominent new features.


  • The expected format for sidebar images has changed.
    A sidebar image should now be a full-screen ~16:10 image.

    Comment: The sidebar can now be fully extended on desktop, which generally requires a large landscape image to fill the entire window.
    To save bandwidth, you can blur the image on the left and right edges and save it as JPG.

  • The about and welcome layout no longer prepend the content with the author information.
    Instead, the author info can be shown by adding the <!--author--> marker to the top of the file. You can also place it anywhere else.

    Comment: Showing the author description on the top of the welcome and about layouts felt like an imposition and was a left-over from when I was developing Hydejack primarily for myself.

  • [PRO] The welcome layout no longer adds recent posts and projects to the bottom of the page. Instead, they have to be explicitly set using the <!--posts--> and <!--projects--> markers. The content_separator front matter opton is now ignored.

    Comment: The old behavior felt arbitrary, and <!--more--> wasn't a good name to be replaced with recent projects ands posts.

  • Setting the accent color and sidebar image for an entire category/tag/author is no longer possible.
    To achieve a similar effect, use Front Matter defaults instead.

    E.g. to set the accent color and image for every post in the hydejack folder, use:

      - scope:
          path:         hydejack
          accent_color: rgb(38,139,210)
          accent_image: /assets/img/hydejack-bg.jpg

    Comment: The code to find the color for a given page was complicated and slow (potentially iterating all categories/tags to find the right one).


  • The drawer now responds to mouse inputs.
  • The default heading font is now less bold. To restore the old behavior, edit (create if it's missing) _sass/my-variables.scss and add $font-weight-heading: 700;.
  • Hydejack now uses lazy-loading hy-img tags instead of regular img tags.
    To revert to using regular images, set hydejack.no_img in the config file to true.
  • Cookie consent is now stored as a cookie (instead of LocalStorage) and expires after 1 year.
  • Scrolling to a fragment link is now smooth.
  • Font loading now works differently, and will be cancelled on slow connections.
  • The sidebar content is now centered.
  • The sidebar will now show the site's logo, which can be set in the config file under the logo key.
  • [PRO] Updated embedded Bootstrap to v4.
  • [PRO] Project cards now throw a shadow instead of having a border.


  • Pages can now have the cover key in the front matter.
    When set to true, the sidebar will be opened when visiting the page directly.
    E.g. https://hydejack.com/{:.no-push-state}

  • Added a _plugin that automatically replaces <img> tags with lazy-loading <hy-img> tags. If you don't want images to load lazily, delete or rename the _plugins folder.
    Note that this plugin will never run when building the site on GitHub Pages.

    To get the most out of this plugin, it is recommended to provide the width and height of the image, e.g.

    ![Some image](assets/img/some-img.png){:data-width="800" data-height="600"}

    This will cause hy-img to render a placeholder of 800 by 600 px, preventing the document height from changing after the image has finished loading.

  • Added experimental offline support via Service Workers. Use with care!
    For details, read the docs.

  • Added the figure CSS class, which allows images to have nicer-looking captions. E.g.

    ![An image with a caption](https://placehold.it/800x50){:.lead}
    A caption to an image.
  • Clicking on a footnote will give its corresponding text a subtle highlight.

  • [PRO] Projects can now have an optional end_date field in the front matter.
    The date is treated as the start date in this case.


  • The back button now works in combination with fragment links.
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@qwtel qwtel released this Jul 10, 2018 · 419 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed an issue that caused the list layout to be empty after upgrading Jekyll
  • Updated dependencies
Jul 10, 2018
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