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Generate mobi from mailbox, instapaper and so on, cooperating with Kindle-Pull
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1. Rename whisper.conf.sample to whisper.conf, and setup gmail and
   instapaper login accounts. You can put whisper.conf in the same
   directory as

   sqlite database is stored defaultly as /var/tmp/whisper.db.

   mobi documents are stored defaultly under the directory

   Make sure kindlegen is already installed under /usr/local/bin/kindlegen.

2. Run in crontab, and . Suggest to setup
   crontab to fetch gmail every one or shorter than one hour; and fetch
   instapaper every day, because instapaper will generate mobi for
   kindle every day. E.g.:

   $ crontab -e
   # m h  dom mon dow   command
   0   *   *   *   *   $HOME/Fake-Whisper/ -g 2>&1 >> $HOME/whisper.log
   0   1   *   *   *   $HOME/Fake-Whisper/ -i 2>&1 >> $HOME/whisper.log

3. Install apache and php, run index.php as a web service in somewhere.

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