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DV-2-XviD 0.9.1
Author: "Yingbo Qiu" <>

1. DV-2-XviD is a free software. It is released under GPLv3.

   DV-2-XviD only supports compressing AVI files that are grubed 
   from MiniDV.
   Default compress rate is 1/10.
   Target file's audio is mp3 format and the bitrate is 96kbps.
   Target file's video is MPEG-4 XviD format. 
   Before run DV-2-XviD, please install XviD and AviSynth
      XviD (
      AviSynth (
   DV-2-XviD support XviD 1.0.x/1.1.x/1.2.x, AviSynth 2.5.x

2. DV-2-XviD is a Python/wxPython application and should be run 
   under Win32 platform. DV-2-XviD.exe was compiled by 'py2exe'. 
   NOTE: Binary files depend on MSVCR71.dll and the dll is not
   included in the download package because I haven't get the
   permission to redistribute it. YOU MUST VERIFY THAT THE DLL HAS 
   BEEN INSTALLED IN YOU SYSTEM. Usually it has been installed in 
   c:\windows\system32 on WinXP or c:\winnt\system32 on Win2K.

3. DV-2-XviD also depends on several 3rd-party tools, including
   a. XviD codec
   b. LAME, a mp3 encoder
   c. VirtualDub/VirtualDubMod
   d. Avisynth
   e. Avisynth filters:
    - LeakKernelDeInt
	- dvinfo

   From version 0.8, DV-2-XviD binary distribution has included
   LAME, VirtualDubMod, LeakKernelDeInt and dvinfo filter. These tools 
   are opensource projects too. You would download their source

   DV-2-XviD 0.9.1 comes with:
      LAME 3.97
      VirtualDubMod build 2542
      LeakKernelDeInt 1.5.4
      dvinfo Build20051223 with my patch

   From version 0.8.4, I made a patch for dvinfo to align timestamp
   subtitle. (dvinfo.cpp-patch in svn)
4. Source files and dvinfo-patch were hosted by "Google Code":
      svn checkout dv2xvid

5. Usage
   Run DV-2-XviD.exe
    Step 1
      CLICK "Add Directory",
      SELECT the directory that includes source AVI files
      All valid DV AVI files should be recognizd and show in
      "Source List AVI" form.
	  Or CLICK "Add File" to select individual AVI files.
	Step 2
      In "Source List AVI", select source files that will be 
      Assign "Target AVI".
      Click "add job" to insert a new job in the job list
	Step 3
	  Click "start job" to execute the job list

6. DV-2-XviD will create a directory on where the target file will 
   be placed in with a fixed name 'd2x_tmp' and generate several 
   tmp files in the directory on processing, include:
   NOTE: These files and 'd2x_tmp' directory will not to be removed

7. Todo List:
    . resolve bug, GUI may lose response
    . tell me your suggestion

 bugfix: run with autogk 2.55 (update to LeakKernelDeInt)
0.9.1 release

feature: target file size is customizable !
 bugfix: destination height must be multiple of 2
0.9 release

 bugfix: patch dvinfo to use avisynth subtitle's align argument
0.8.4 release under GPLv3

 bugfix: lame.exe command error when target path containing spaces
0.8.3 release

 bugfix: support clips that ware processed by "VirtualDub"
 bugfix: global variable bug in 
0.8.2 release

 bugfix: support clips that were captured by "Scenalyzer Live 4.0"
0.8.1 release

feature: Support AR(16:9). thank Magnus report this issue
feature: UI improved
            Distribute with single DV-2-XviD.exe file
            Not depend AutoGK
            Remove DOS-PROMPT window, add a LogMessage window
            Add application icon
feature: Auto create tmp directory
 bugfix: "Add File" fail.
 bugfix: thread deadlock if compress error.
0.8 release

feature: add comptest
 bugfix: resolve GUI will lose response when began processing
0.7 release

feature: support multiple XviD versions. (require cdll)
0.6 release

 bugfix: Avisource -> Directshowsource
 bugfix: support WinDV
 bugfix: modify '' output
0.5 release

0.4 release

 bugfix: support big AVI file ( > 1G)
         reference <OpenDML AVI File Format Extensions (Ver 1.02)>

 bugfix: binary version cause "LookupError: unknown encoding 'cp936'"
0.3 release

0.2 release

 bugfix: "xxdb" chunk maybe contain invalid datetime.
feature: provide, a GUI interface

0.1 release under GPLv2


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