AN example showing how to perform two-way databinding using a dynamic object in Windows Forms.
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DynamicObject Two-Way Data Binding

To create a Dynamic Object which you can use for two-way data-binding to Windows Forms control, you should derfive from DynamicObject and also implement ICustomTypeDescriptor and INotifyPropertyChanged interface.

ICustomTypeDescriptor is responsible to return metadata about the object including a list of properties. Since DynamicObject doesn't have real properties, you should return a list of custom PropertyDescriptor objects which allow the consumer to get/set value of the property.

INotifyPropertyChanged is responsible for raising PropertyChanged event. It's a key point in two-way data-binding.

In the example, I've craeted an implementation of the DynamicObject which you can simply add properties to it and use for two-wat data-binding in Windows Forms.

dynamic object two way databinding