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The goal of MyFutureClimate is to help the public understand otherwise complicated models of climate change by calculating how similar a location's climate is to every other location. The location of this "climate analog" can then be tracked forward and backward through time.

This project should be useful to policy and land management plannersin helping them plan mitigation and adaptation strategies. It should also be useful to the general public in helping them understand what effects climate change will have on their local area.


  • Ensure things are at least tablet-friendly
  • Set up a batch script to perform pre-caching for all major cities
  • Improve design/layout
  • Add in sea level rise
  • Add in a metric for extreme climate events
  • Use a multi-ensemble average for the projections
  • Use an adaptive strategy for judging similarity based on region
  • Bring service conf scripts into repo
  • Bring nginx conf scripts into repo
  • Add global finalist media

Getting Started

You'll need some basic things to get started. The follow commands will install the environment you'll need to run our code.

apt-get install python-scipy python-h5py python-matplotlib python-redis redis-server python-pip python-routes libhdf5-dev python-pandas
pip install cherrypy==3.3.0
pip install h5py
apt-get install nginx

Data Sources

Climate Data

CMIP5 GCM climate data can be viewed here.

The prototype app uses the CESM1-CAM5 model. Later iterations will use a multi-ensemble average of climate models. The download links for the data used in the app are as follows. The downloaded files should be placed in the data/ directory.


  • 0.5 degree images are 720x278 pixels.

Elevation Data (if we do something we sea level rise)


Category finals presentation is here and starts at 29:17. Hack4Good finalist announcement is here. Hack4Good category finalist announcement is here.


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This project was the grand finals winner of the Hack4Good 0.6 Hack Against Climate Change event.