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Keeping your system up to date usually involves invoking multiple package managers. This results in big, non-portable shell one-liners saved in your shell. To remedy this, topgrade detects which tools you use and runs the appropriate commands to update them.


Other systems users can either use cargo install or use the compiled binaries from the release page. The compiled binaries contain a self-upgrading feature.

Topgrade requires Rust 1.51 or above.


Just run topgrade. See the wiki for the list of things Topgrade supports.


See config.example.toml for an example configuration file.

Configuration path

The configuration should be placed in the following paths depending by the operating system:

  • Windows - %APPDATA%/topgrade.toml
  • macOS and other Unix systems - ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/topgrade.toml

Remote execution

You can specify a key called remote_topgrades in the configuration file. This key should contain a list of hostnames that have topgrade installed on them. Topgrade will use ssh to run topgrade on remote hosts before acting locally. To limit the execution only to specific hosts use the --remote-host-limit parameter.