Otology Database with input validation
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Otology Database with input validation

Functioning but still very much a work in progress

install to run:

To Do List from med student

  • Can Ear specific data line up side by side? (esp tymp, ct, mri)
    • tymp
    • ct
    • mri
  • add pt specific question for : “did pt present with 3rd window sx”
  • change the asnwer choices on the "prior ear surgery?" and "ossicular surgery?" questions both to say none, right, left, bilateral
    • per ear
  • CT date fix, double check others
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta variable name
  • Surg post-op questions, checkbox for items grouped together (past 6 months etc yes no)
    • other complication text box
  • surg type of procedure, add option for other, add textbox for type
  • size of tympanic membrane perf (answer -1 for unknown)
  • " for pros D and L
  • need to store year of surgery
  • word recognition (enter -1 if no data)
  • tymp- add option for did not test
  • if no ovemp next question gone
  • add initial treatment option “other:____"
  • initial treatment: change bisphosphonate to ‘medication’ and add field for “medication type”
  • how far does prosthesis protrude into vestibule- list 999 for unknown
  • mrn.db wasn’t cleared
  • move gender and race right after birthday
  • pt specific: add question “does patient have a history of noise exposure?”
  • do we need charleson deyo score
  • initial treatment: change bisphosphonate to ‘medication’ and add field for “medication type”
  • accept kg or lbs, cm or inches, store as kg and cm, also move these questions to after the family hx

Under surgery:

  • surg.Proc "What type of procedure?" add: option 4- tympanoplasty--->leading to a new question "How large was the preoperative tympanic membrane perforation?" 0- small or minor (<25%);1- large; 9- unknown
  • surg.IOCTM "Was there [ADD: an intraoperative] tympanic membrane perforation?"
  • surg.IOCTMSz: change to "Size of TM perforation"
  • change responses to 0: small or minor (<25%); 1: large; 9: unknown

Under VEMP:

  • Still need another option under vemp.cAmp: 9- no cVEMP performed

Under VNG:

  • for vng.vertigo: add 9- unknown