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How to build R packages for distributing them?
2018-01-28 21:55:52 +0100

Imagine you want to share your package with colleague working on a different operating system, without access to tools for building packages on that platform. How do you create an appropriate binary for your package?

Once in a while

If you're only doing this sporadically, you can use R-hub builder to build your package on the platform corresponding to your colleague's computer. In the email you'll receive after a (hopefully successful) build, there's a link to artifacts i.e. the built package that you can download and send to your colleague; and in rhub, the output check functions has an urls() method returning the build and artifacts URLs . Be careful, artifacts only remain online for a few days so download them as soon as you can.


If you want to regularly build and deploy your package on different platforms, what you are looking for is continuous integration.

Looking for help with one of these non R-hub CI services? Read our section about getting help.