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R-hub webform or rhub package?
2018-01-28 21:55:52 +0100

You can submit a package using either the webform's simple interface or with advanced options; or via the R package rhub. We strongly recommend using the package for a smoother workflow and more customization.

In more details, why rather use rhub?

  • Using the package is quite natural whilst you're developing an R package in your favorite IDE. You might be used to devtools::check() to run checks locally, and devtools::check_win_devel() to bundle and send the package to Winbuilder. rhub::check() works very similarly: it can take the path to your package folder as argument (by default the current directory!), and will build and upload it. You can then watch the live log from your console, or wait until you get an email after the build.

  • When using the web interface you can set neither extra arguments for the R CMD check command nor environment variables to set on the builder machine, which you might actually need for finer control of the check, or e.g. to provide your secret web API key.

  • While you can select several platforms to build your package on via the web interface, you need to choose those by hand, whereas the package has handy shortcuts (even handier when using an editor with autocompletion like RStudio) such as rhub::check_on_windows() and the very useful rhub::check_for_cran().

  • Email validation is easier via the package than via the webform.