A Chrome-Extension for removing duplicate tabs and automatically organizing them
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Tabsanity Terminator


An open-source Google Chrome Extension by Rich Werden to save you from redundant/duplicate tabs and disorganized tab groupings.

I know that when I'm doing research on a subject, I'm constantly opening links in new tabs that themselves contain pages with more links I think I should look at, and so son until I'll end up chasing my tail as my tab bar fills up with pages that cross-reference one another. That's why I build this extension.

So, first thing this extension does is check if any of your window's open tabs are duplicates of one another and closes those that are.

The somewhat unique trick is that afterwards, the extension does its best to sort the remaining tabs - First by grouping your tabs together alphabetically by domain and then sub-sort those groups alphabetically by URL - Grouping the domains is particularly difficult because of newer TLDs(top level domains) that are longer than 2-3 characters (things like '.business' or '.guide'). The only way to get 100% coverage would be to regularly fetch the IANA list of valid domains, which I feel is overkill for something that is supposed to be 'lightweight'. I'm using localeCompare() so it should be able to deal with international characters appropriately.

The extension leaves 'pinned' tabs right where they are.

This extension only works on one window at a time - the window you clicked the extension's button in.


I'd hope it's pretty self-explanatory?

  1. Enable the extension
  2. Click the extension's button
  3. KAPOOF Tabs shuffle and close.

How to get it:

1. Chrome Web-Store

Tabsanity Terminator

2. Load as an Unpacked Extension in Chrome Developer Mode

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Click the 'Developer Mode' checkbox
  4. Click the 'Load unpacked extension...' button that shows up
  5. Select the directory containing this repo
  6. Click the enabled checkbox

Future Improvements:

  • Handle IPv6 Addresses
  • Stop Movement if tabs are already sorted
  • Add Options Page/Settings
    • Only de-duplicate tabs, don't sort
    • Make extensions action apply to all windows instead of one
  • Allow users to define domains which should take sort precedence.

*** Copyright and licensed under the MIT license ***