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Articulation Mapping files

Following files format supporting.

  • Cubase / Nuendo
    • VST Expression map (*.expressionmap)
  • Studio One 5
    • Key Switch file (*.keyswitch)
      • I use my own tool to perform automatic conversions from VST expression maps; some files that use MIDI CC may not be supported.

For Studio One 5 Users

You will probably have the following folder, so put the file down after you download it.

  • Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Studio One\Presets\User Presets\Key Switches
  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/Studio One/Presets/User Presets\Key Switches

If the file is not recognized, double-click on the file in Explorer or Finder with your DAW open. (This has been confirmed by Studio One 5 for Windows)

These files are...

  • Made by myself
  • Mirror of official files (see NOTICE file)
  • Mirror of other user file(s) that currently cannot download from their site (see NOTICE file)

Easy file format conversion between DAWs

I developed converting tool.

If you are interested, download from HERE


MIT License