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  • r(), r_bg(), etc. now handle messages from the cliapp package properly. They used to make the R session exit.

  • Better default for the repos option in callr subprocesses. callr no longer creates duplicate "CRAN" entries. By default the new default_repos() function is used to set repos in the subprocess.

callr 3.1.0

  • New rscript() function and rscript_process class to execute R scripts via Rscript (#40, #81).

  • Library paths are now correctly set up for system() (and similar) calls from the callr subprocesses (#83, #84).

  • Pass options("repos") to the child process as is, without checking. Closes #82.

  • r_session$run_with_output() now returns an S3 object with class callr_session_result.

  • r_session$run*() handle interrupts properly. It tries to interrupt the background process fist, kills it if it is not interruptable, and then re-throws the interrupt condition, going back to the top level prompt if the re-thrown condition is un-caught.

callr 3.0.0

  • New r_session class: a background R session you can send commands to (#56).

  • Rewrote passing the library path to the subprocess (#73, #75)

  • Retain names of the repos option (#67, @jennybc)

callr 2.0.4

  • pkgdown web site at (#52, #53).

  • callr users .Renviron files now (and R_ENVIRON_USER as well), but overrides the library path, as requested in r(), etc. (#30).

  • callr now handles the case when the subprocess calls quit().

  • callr now uses the processx package, instead of embedded code, to create and control processes.

callr 2.0.3

  • The default behavior on error can be set now with the callr.error option.

  • Better error message if the child R process crashes or gets killed. (#41)

  • r_bg and rcmd_bg now have the supervise option (#45).

callr 2.0.2

callr 2.0.1

  • Fix compilation issues on CRAN's Solaris machine

  • Fix a test failure on CRAN's macOS machine

callr 2.0.0

  • Run R or R CMD * in the background, see r_bg(), rcmd_bg(), and also r_process and rcmd_process

  • The defaults for r() are safer now, the match the defaults of r_safe(). r_safe() is kept for compatibility. r_copycat() has the old r() defaults.

  • The defaults for rcmd() are safer now, the match the defaults of rcmd_safe(). rcmd_safe() is kept for compatibility. rcmd_copycat() has the old rcmd() defaults.

  • Support block callbacks, in addition to line callbacks. Block callbacks are called for arbitrary chunks of output, even without a newline

  • Add spinner argument to show a spinner in r() or rcmd()

  • Support timeouts, via the timeout argument

  • Fix bug when stdout and stderr are redirected to the same file

  • rcmd_safe_env() to allow extending the environment variables set in safe mode

  • rcmd() gets a fail_on_status argument

  • rcmd() gets an echo argument to potentially show the command to be run on the screen (#15)

  • rcmd() gets a wd argument to set the working directory

callr 1.0.0

First public release.