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conflicted (development version)

conflicted 1.1.0

  • New conflicted_prefer_all() and conflicted_prefer_matching() to prefer functions en masse (#51).

  • Improvements to conflict detection and resolution:

    • Reports conflicts involving lazy loaded datasets (#54).

    • Don't report conflicts involving a standardGeneric (#47).

    • Better handling of conflicts cleared by superset principle: if there is a conflict all functions (including any base functions) are reported, and if there isn't a conflict, no packages are reported (instead of 1) (#47).

    • Don't report conflict between a function and a non-function (#30).

    • Conflicts involving a primitive function no longer error (@nerskin, #46, #48).

conflicted 1.0.4

  • Fixes for dev rlang

conflicted 1.0.3

  • Fix > vs >= mistake

conflicted 1.0.2

  • Align with changes to R 3.6

conflicted 1.0.1

  • Internal has_moved() function no longer fails when it encounters a call to .Deprecated() with no arguments (#29).

  • .conflicts environment is correctly removed and replaced each time a new package is loaded (#28).

conflicted 1.0.0

New functions

  • conflict_scout() reports all conflicts found with a set of packages.

  • conflict_prefer() allows you to declare a persistent preference (within a session) for one function over another (#4).

Improve conflict resolution

  • conflicts now generally expects packages that override functions in base packages to obey the "superset principle", i.e. that foo::bar(...) must return the same value of base::bar(...) whenever the input is not an error. In other words, if you override a base function you can only extend the API, not change or reduce it.

    There are two exceptions. If the arguments of the two functions are not compatible (i.e. the function in the package doesn't include all arguments of the base package), conflicts can tell it doesn't follow the superset principle. Additionally, dplyr::lag() fails to follow the superset principle, and is marked as a special case (#2).

  • Functions that have moved between packages (i.e. functions with a call to .Deprecated("pkg::foo")) as the first element of the function body) will never generate conflicts.

  • conflicted now listens for detach() events and removes conflicts that are removed by detaching a package (#5)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Error messages for infix functions and non-syntactic function names are improved (#14)