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add quiet/verbose argument to build_vignettes #1543

flying-sheep opened this issue Jul 18, 2017 · 3 comments

add quiet/verbose argument to build_vignettes #1543

flying-sheep opened this issue Jul 18, 2017 · 3 comments
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tools::buildVignettes accepts a quiet = logical(1L) parameter.

for debugging, it would be useful if build_vignettes would accept a parameter like that and pass it to the tools:: function

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hadley commented Aug 1, 2017

Can you confirm that this definitely does what you want? The documentation just says "Weave and run texi2pdf in quiet mode"

@hadley hadley added the feature a feature request or enhancement label Aug 1, 2017
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yes, it does. texi2dvi (the R function) suppresses all output if quiet = TRUE is supplied

$ R --slave -e 'tools::texi2dvi' | grep -EC3 'quiet|sys2'
function (file, pdf = FALSE, clean = FALSE, quiet = TRUE, texi2dvi = getOption("texi2dvi"), 
    texinputs = NULL, index = TRUE) 
    if (clean) 
        opt_pdf <- if (pdf) 
        else ""
        opt_quiet <- if (quiet) 
        else ""
        opt_extra <- ""
        out <- .system_with_capture(texi2dvi, "--help")
        env0 <- "LC_COLLATE=C"
        if (grepl(" ", Sys.getenv("TMPDIR"))) 
            env0 <- paste(env0, "TMPDIR=/tmp")
        out <- .system_with_capture(texi2dvi, c(opt_pdf, opt_quiet, 
            opt_extra, shQuote(file)), env = env0)
        log <- paste0(file_path_sans_ext(file), ".log")
        if (out$status && file_test("-f", log) && any(grepl("(Rerun to get|biblatex.*\\\\(re\\\\)run)", 
            readLines(log, warn = FALSE)))) {
            out <- .system_with_capture(texi2dvi, c(opt_pdf, 
                opt_quiet, opt_extra, shQuote(file)), env = env0)
        errors <- character()
        log <- paste0(file_path_sans_ext(file), ".log")
            else if (length(out$stderr)) 
                msg <- paste(msg, "Messages:", paste(out$stderr, 
                  collapse = "\\n"), sep = "\\n")
            if (!quiet) 
                msg <- paste(msg, "Output:", paste(out$stdout, 
                  collapse = "\\n"), sep = "\\n")
        if (nzchar(msg)) 
            stop(msg, domain = NA)
        else if (!quiet) 
            message(paste(paste(out$stderr, collapse = "\\n"), 
                paste(out$stdout, collapse = "\\n"), sep = "\\n"))
            extra <- paste(extra, paste(paths, collapse = " "))
        base <- basename(file_path_sans_ext(file))
        system(paste(shQuote(texi2dvi), if (quiet) 
        else "", if (pdf) 
        else "", shQuote(file), extra), intern = TRUE, ignore.stderr = TRUE)
            stop(if (pdf) 
            else "latex", " is not available", domain = NA)
        sys2 <- if (quiet) 
            function(...) system2(..., stdout = FALSE, stderr = FALSE)
        else system2
        bibtex <- Sys.getenv("BIBTEX", "bibtex")
        makeindex <- Sys.getenv("MAKEINDEX", "makeindex")
        ltxargs <- c("-interaction=nonstopmode", texfile)
        if (sys2(latex, ltxargs)) 
            stop(gettextf("unable to run '%s' on '%s'", latex, 
                file), domain = NA)
        nmiss <- length(grep("Warning:.*Citation.*undefined", 
            readLines(paste0(base, ".log"))))
        for (iter in 1L:10L) {
            if (nmiss) 
                sys2(bibtex, shQuote(base))
            nmiss_prev <- nmiss
            if (index && file.exists(idxfile)) {
                if (sys2(makeindex, shQuote(idxfile))) 
                  stop(gettextf("unable to run '%s' on '%s'", 
                    makeindex, idxfile), domain = NA)
            if (sys2(latex, ltxargs)) {
                lines <- .get_LaTeX_errors_from_log_file(paste0(base, 
                errors <- if (length(lines)) 

@hadley hadley closed this as completed in b7caf0b Aug 2, 2017
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lock bot commented Sep 18, 2018

This old issue has been automatically locked. If you believe you have found a related problem, please file a new issue (with reprex) and link to this issue.

@lock lock bot locked and limited conversation to collaborators Sep 18, 2018
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