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devtools 1.5

Four new functions make it easier to add useful infrastructure to packages:

  • add_test_infrastructure() will create test infrastructure for a new package.
    It is called automatically from test() if no test directories are
    found, the session is interactive and you agree.
  • add_rstudio_project() adds an Rstudio project file to your package.
    create() gains an rstudio argument which will automatically create
    an Rstudio project in the package directory. It defaults to TRUE:
    if you don't use Rstudio, just delete the file.
  • add_travis() adds a basic travis template to your package. .travis.yml
    is automatically added to .Rbuildignore to avoid including it in the built
  • add_build_ignore() makes it easy to add files to .Rbuildignore,
    correctly escaping special characters

Two dependencies were incremented:

  • devtools requires at least R version 3.0.2.
  • document() requires at least roxygen2 version 3.0.0.

Minor improvements

  • build_win() now builds R-release and R-devel by default (@krlmlr, #438).
    It also gains parameter args, which is passed on to build()
    (@krlmlr, #421).
  • check_doc() now runs document() automatically.
  • install() gains thread argument which allows you to install multiple
    packages in parallel (@mllg, #401). threads argument to check_cran()
    now defaults to getOption("Ncpus")
  • install_deps(deps = T) no longer installs all dependencies of
    dependencies (#369).
  • install_github() now prefers personal access tokens supplied to
    auth_token rather than passwords (#418, @jeroenooms).
  • install_github() now defaults to dependencies = TRUE so you definitely
    get all the packages you need to build from source.
  • devtools supplies its own version of system.file() so that when the function
    is called from the R console, it will have special behavior for packages
    loaded with devtools.
  • devtools supplies its own version of help and ?, which will search
    devtools-loaded packages as well as normally-loaded packages.

Bug fixes

  • check_devtools() no longer called by check() because the relevant
    functionality is now included in R CMD CHECK and it was causing
    false positives (#446).
  • install_deps(TRUE) now includes packages listed in VignetteBuilder (#396)
  • build() no longer checks for pdflatex when building vignettes, as
    many modern vignettes don't need it (#398). It also uses
    --no-build-vignettes for >3.0.0 compatibility (#391).
  • release() does a better job of opening your email client if you're inside
    of Rstudio (#433).
  • check() now correctly reports the location of the R CMD check
    output when called with a custom check_dir. (Thanks to @brentonk)
  • check_cran() records check times for each package tested.
  • Improved default DESCRIPTION file created by create_description().
    (Thanks to @ncarchedi, #428)
  • Fixed bug in install_github() that prevented installing a pull request by
    supplying repo = "username/repo#pull". (#388)
  • explicitly specify user agent when querying user name and ref for pull request
    in install_github. (Thanks to Kirill Müller, #405)
  • install_github() now removes blank lines found in a package DESCRIPTION
    file, protecting users from the vague error: contains a blank line error.
  • with_options() now works, instead of throwing an error (Thanks to
    @krlmlr, #434)