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ellipsis (development version)

  • check_dots_used(), check_dots_unnamed(), and check_dots_empty() gain an action argument, to specify if they should error, warn, message or signal when the dots meet the condition.

ellipsis 0.2.0

ellipsis has officially graduated from experimental to maturing in the package lifecycle.

  • The main change of this release is that check_() functions now throw custom errors, rather than warnings.

  • check_ functions have been optimised for the most common case of no problems. This means that you use it in more places without worrying about the performance cost.

  • New check_dots_empty() that checks that ... is empty (#11).

  • Improved error message suggesting that you check for mispecified argument names.

ellipsis 0.1.0

  • New check_dots_unnamed() that checks that all components of ... are unnamed (#7).

  • Fix a bug that caused check_dots_used() to emit many false positives (#8)

ellipsis 0.0.2

  • Fix a PROTECTion error
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