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  • Add vignette to quickly compare base R, fs and bash (@xvrdm, #168).

  • Fix compilation on BSD systems (#145)

  • file_chown() can now take a group_id parameter as character (@cderv, #162).

  • Parameter browser in file_show() now works as described in the documentation (@GegznaV, #154).

  • Link with -pthread by default (#128, #146).

  • path_real() now works even if the file does not exist, but there are symlinks further up the path hierarchy (#144).

  • colourise_fs_path() now returns paths uncolored if the colors argument / LS_COLORS is malformed (#135).

  • The ext argument of file_temp() is now consistent with other functions in fs and prepends a . to the file extension if provided.

fs 1.2.6

  • This is a small bugfix only release.

  • file_move() now fall back to copying, then removing files when moving files between devices (which would otherwise fail) (#131,

  • Fix for a double free when using warn = TRUE (#132)

fs 1.2.5

  • Patch release to fix tests which left files in the R session directory

fs 1.2.4

New Features

  • New path_wd() generates paths from the current working directory (#122).

  • New path_has_parent() determines if a path has a given parent (#116).

  • New file_touch() used to change access and modification times for a file (#98).

  • dir_ls(), dir_map(), dir_walk(), dir_info() and file_info() gain a fail parameter, to signal warnings rather than errors if they are called on a path which is unavailable due to permissions or locked resources (#105).

Minor improvements and fixes

  • path_tidy() now always includes a trailing slash for the windows root directory, e.g. C:/ (#124).

  • path_ext(), path_ext_set() and path_ext_remove() now handle paths with non-ASCII characters (#120).

  • fs_path objects now print (without colors) even if the user does not have permission to stat them (#121).

  • compatibility with upcoming gcc 8 based Windows toolchain (#119)

fs 1.2.3


  • Experimental support for / and + methods for fs_path objects (#110).

  • file_create() and dir_create() now take ..., which is passed to path() to make construction a little nicer (#80).


  • path_ext(), path_ext_set() and path_ext_remove() now handle paths with directories including hidden files without extensions (#92).

  • file_copy() now copies files into the directory if the target is a directory (#102).

fs 1.2.2


  • fs no longer needs a C++11 compiler, it now works with compilers which support only C++03 (#90).


  • fs_path fs_bytes and fs_perm objects now use methods::setOldClass() so that S4 dispatch to their base classes works as intended (#91).

  • Fix allocation bug in path_exists() using delete [] when we should have used free().

fs 1.2.1


  • path_abs() gains a start argument, to specify where the absolute path should be calculated from (#87).


  • path_ext() now returns character() if given 0 length inputs (#89)

  • Fix for a memory issue reported by ASAN and valgrind.

fs 1.2.0

Breaking changes

  • path_expand() and path_home() now use USERPROFILE or HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH as the user home directory on Windows. This differs from the definition used in path.expand() but is consistent with definitions from other programming environments such as python and rust. This is also more compatible with external tools such as git and ssh, both of which put user-level files in USERPROFILE by default. To mimic R's (and previous) behavior there are functions path_expand_r() and path_home_r().

  • Handling missing values are more consistent. In general is_* functions always return FALSE for missing values, path_* functions always propagate NA values (NA inputs become NA outputs) and dir_* file_* and link_* functions error with NA inputs.

  • fs functions now preserve tildes in their outputs. Previously paths were always returned with tildes expanded. Users can use path_expand() to expand tildes if desired.


  • Fix crash when a files user or group id did not exist in the respective database (#84, #58)
  • Fix home expansion on systems without readline (#60).
  • Fix propagation of NA values in path_norm() (#63).


  • file_chmod() is now vectorized over both of its arguments (#71).
  • link_create() now fails silently if an identical link already exists (#77).
  • path_package() function created as an analog to system.file() which always fails if the package or file does not exist (#75)

fs 1.1.0

Breaking changes

  • Tidy paths no longer expand ~.

  • Filesystem modification functions now error for NA inputs. (#48)

  • path() now returns 0 length output if given any 0 length inputs (#54).

New features

  • Removed the autotool system dependency on non-windows systems.


  • dir_delete() now correctly expands paths (#47).

  • dir_delete() now correctly deletes hidden files and directories (#46).

  • link_path() now checks for an error before trying to make a string, avoiding a crash (#43).

  • libuv return paths now marked as UTF-8 strings in C code, fixing encoding issues on windows. (#42)

  • dir_copy() now copies the directory inside the target if the target is a directory (#51).

  • dir_copy() now works correctly with absolute paths and no longer removes files when overwrite = TRUE.

fs 1.0.0

  • Removed the libbsd system dependency on linux
  • Initial release
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.