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gargle (development version)

gargle 0.3.1

  • Non-interactive auth is a new vignette that serves as a guide for any client packages that use gargle for auth.

  • credentials_gce() might actually work now (#97, @wlongabaugh).

  • credentials_app_default() got a small bug fix relating to putting the token in the header (r-dbi/bigrquery#336)

  • token_fetch() silently catches warnings, in addition to errors, as it falls through the registry of credential-fetching methods (#89).

  • The yes/no asking if it's OK to cache OAuth tokens prints fully now (r-dbi/bigrquery#333).

gargle 0.3.0

  • The unexported functions available for generating standardized docs for PKG_auth functions in client packages have been updated.

  • token_userinfo(), token_email(), and token_tokeninfo() are newly exported helpers that retrieve information for a token.

  • AuthState$set_app() and AuthState$set_api_key() now allow setting a value of NULL, i.e. these fields are easier to clear.

  • credentials_byo_oauth2() gains the ability to ingest a token from an object of class httr::request, i.e. to retrieve the auth_token component that holds an object of class httr::Token2.0 that has been processed with httr::config().

gargle 0.2.0

  • All built-in API credentials have been rotated and are stored internally in a way that reinforces appropriate use. There is a new Privacy policy as well as a policy for authors of packages or other applications. This is related to a process to get the gargle project verified, which affects the OAuth2 capabilities and the consent screen.

  • New vignette on "How to get your own API credentials", to help other package authors or users obtain their own API key or OAuth client ID and secret.

  • credentials_byo_oauth2() is a new credential function. It is included in the default registry consulted by token_fetch() and is tried just before credentials_user_oauth2().

gargle 0.1.3

  • Initial CRAN release
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