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#' Declare location of current script or report
#' Add a call to `here::i_am("<project-relative path>.<ext>")`
#' at the top of your R script or in the first chunk of your rmarkdown document.
#' This ensures that the project root is set up correctly:
#' subsequent calls to `here()` will refer to the implied project root.
#' If the current working directory is outside of the project
#' where the script or report is intended to run, it will fail
#' with a descriptive message.
#' Relying on the project root determined with a project file,
#' the default for versions prior to 1.0.0,
#' only weakly protects against running a script from an arbitrary directory
#' outside the intended project.
#' The `i_am()` function offers a stronger way to define the project root:
#' it will ensure that the project root actually contains a file in that location,
#' optionally checking for file contents that uniquely identify the file
#' via the `nonce` argument.
#' This function will fail if the script or report is moved within the project.
#' Update the `i_am()` call to reflect the new location.
#' If you use the `nonce` argument for extra safety, be sure to change it
#' when you save an existing script or report under a new name.
#' @param path `[character(1)]`\cr
#' The path to the current script or report, relative to the project root.
#' Passing an absolute path raises an error.
#' @param ... Must be empty, reserved for future use.
#' @param uuid `[character(1)]`\cr
#' `r lifecycle::badge("experimental")`
#' If not `NULL`, a unique string that is matched
#' against the first 100 lines of the file.
#' Use [uuid::UUIDgenerate()] to create a unique string
#' that can be used as a `uuid` argument.
#' @return This function is called for its side effects.
#' @export
#' @examples
#' \dontrun{
#' here::i_am("prepare/penguins.R")
#' here::i_am("analysis/report.Rmd", uuid = "f9e884084b84794d762a535f3facec85")
#' }
i_am <- function(path, ..., uuid = NULL) {
stopifnot(length(list(...)) == 0)
criterion <- has_file(path, contents = uuid, n = 100, fixed = TRUE)
root_fun <- criterion$make_fix_file(),
error = function(e) {
"Could not find associated project in working directory or any parent directory.\n",
"- Path in project: ", path, "\n",
if (!is.null(uuid)) {
paste0("- File must contain: ", uuid, "\n")
"- Current working directory: ", mockable_getwd(), "\n",
"Please open the project associated with this file and try again.",
call. = FALSE
set_fix_fun(root_fun, i_am = TRUE)
dr_here(show_reason = FALSE)
mockable_getwd <- function() {
if (identical(Sys.getenv("TESTTHAT"), "true")) {
"<working directory>"
} else {