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httr 0.5

  • You can now save response bodies directly to disk by using the write_disk()
    config. This is useful if you want to capture large files that don't fit in
    memory (#44).
  • Default accept header is now "application/json, text/xml, /" - this should
    encourage servers to send json or xml if they know how.
  • httr_options() allows you to easily filter the options, e.g.
  • POST() now specifies Curl options more precisely so that Curl know's
    that you're doing a POST and can respond appropriately to redirects.


  • Preliminary and experimental support for caching with cache_info() and
    rerequest() (#129). Be aware that this API is likely to change in
    the future.
  • parse_http_date() parses http dates according RFC2616 spec.
  • Requests now print the time they were made.
  • Mime type application/xml is automatically parsed with ``XML::xmlParse()`.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Now possible to specify both handle and url when making a request.
  • content(type = "text") uses readBin() instead of rawToChar() so
    that strings with embedded NULLs (e.g. WINDOWS-1252) can be re-encoded
    to UTF-8.
  • DELETE() now returns body of request (#138).
  • headers() is now a generic with a method for response objects.
  • parse_media() failed to take into account that media types are
    case-insenstive - this lead to bad re-encoding for content-types like
    "text/html; Charset=UTF-8"
  • Typo which broke set_cookies() fixed by @hrbrmstr.
  • url_ok() works correctly now, instead of always returning FALSE,
    a bug since version 0.4 (#133).