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@hadley hadley released this Jun 16, 2016 · 153 commits to master since this release

New features

  • oauth_signature() no longer prepends 'oauth_' to additional parameters.
    (@jimhester, #373)
  • All print() methods now invisibly return x (#355).
  • DELETE() gains a body parameter (#326).
  • New encode = "raw" allows you to do your own encoding for requests with
  • New http_type() returns the content/mime type of a request, sans parameters.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • No longer uses use custom requests for standard POST requests (#356,
    #357). This has the side-effect of properly following redirects after
    POST, fixing some login issues (eg tidyverse/rvest#133).
  • Long deprecated multipart argument to POST(), PUT() and PATCH()
    has been removed.
  • The cross-session OAuth cache is now created with permission 0600, and should
    give a better error if it can't be created (#365).
  • New RETRY() function allows you to retry a request multiple times until
    it succeeds (#353).
  • The default user agent string is now computed once and cached. This
    is a small performance improvement, but important for local connections
    (#322, @richfitz).
  • oauth_callback() gains trailing slash for facebook compatibility (#324).
  • progress() gains con argument to control where progress bar is rendered
  • When use_basic_auth option is used to obtain a token, token refreshes
    will now use basic authentication too.
  • Suppress unhelpful "No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8." when
    printing a response (#327).
  • All auto parser functions now have consistent arguments. This fixes problem
    where ... is pass on to another function (#330).
  • parse_media() can once again parse multiple parameters (#362, #366).
  • Correctly cast config in POST().
  • Fix in readfunction to close connection when done.
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