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lifecycle (development version)

lifecycle 0.2.0

  • Lifecycle warnings are now displayed once every 8 hours.

  • Added experimental signal_experimental() and signal_superseded() functions.

  • Added the "superseded" lifecycle stage to the documentation.

  • deprecate_stop() now mentions that function is defunct (#28).

  • New expect_deprecated() and expect_defunct() functions for testting lifecycle warnings and errors. expect_deprecated() automatically sets the lifecycle_verbosity option to "warning" to enforce warnings at each invokation rather than once per session.

  • New syntax "foo(arg = 'can\\'t be a baz')" to describe that specific inputs for an argument are deprecated (#30, @krlmlr).

  • New is_present() function to test whether the caller has supplied a deprecated() function.

lifecycle 0.1.0

  • Deprecated functions under the control of the developer now warn repeatedly in unit tests.

  • Deprecation warnings now record a backtrace. Call lifecycle::last_warnings() and lifecycle::last_warning() to print the warnings that occurred during the last command, along with their backtraces.

  • The naming scheme of signaller functions has been simplified:

    • signal_soft_deprecated() is now deprecate_soft().
    • warn_deprecated() is now deprecate_warn().
    • stop_defunct() is now deprecate_stop().
  • The signaller functions now take a version and two descriptors for the deprecated feature and its replacement (the latter is optional). The deprecation message is built from these components. You can pass a details argument to append additional information to the generated deprecation message.

  • Helpers from rlang's compat-lifecycle.R drop-in file are now exported in this package.

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