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This is a maintenance release without any breaking API changes.

Major & dependency related changes

  • Removed implicit dplyr dependency via purrr:::map_dfr() (thanks
    @jimhester, #324).
  • Added required minimal version dependency for purr (>= 0.2.3) (#338).
  • We rely on the tibble package which was optimized for speed in v1.4.2 so
    styler should run ~2x as fast
    (#348). For that reason,
    styler now depends on tibble >= 1.4.2.
  • In the dependency enc, a bug was fixed that removed/changed non-ASCII
    characters. Hence, styler now depends on enc >= 0.2 (#348).

Minor changes

  • We're now recognizing and respecting DSLs used in R comments: rplumber
    (#*, #306), shebang (#/! (#345)), knitr chunk headers for spinning (#+ /
    #-, #362).
  • Named arguments can stay on the first line if call is multi-line (#318).
  • No space anymore with tidyverse_style() after !! since with rlang 0.2,
    !! now binds tighter (#322), spacing around ~ (#316), no space anymore
    around ^ (#308).
  • Various bug fixes and edge case improvements.

Thanks to all contributors for patches, issues and the like:
@devSJR, @krlmlr, @yutannihilation, @samhinshaw, @martin-mfg, @jjramsey,
@RMHogervorst, @wlandau, @llrs, @aaronrudkin, @crew102, @jkgrain, @jennybc,