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styler 1.1.0 (2018-10-20)

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@lorenzwalthert lorenzwalthert released this 20 Nov 20:14

This release introduces new features and is fully backward-compatible. It also
adapts to changes in the R parser committed into R devel (#419).

Major Changes

  • styler can now style roxygen code examples in the source code of package
    (#332) as well as Rnw files (#431).
  • the print method for the output of style_text() (print.vertical()) now
    returns syntax-highlighted code by default, controllable via the option
    styler.colored_print.vertical (#417).
  • the README was redesigned (#413).
  • semi-colon expression that contained multiple assignments was fixed (#404).

Minor Changes

  • cursor position is remembered for styling via Addin (#416).
  • adapt spacing around tilde for multi-token expressions(#424) and brace
    edge case (#425).
  • only add brackets to piped function call if RHS is a symbol (#422).
  • increase coverage again to over 90% (#412).
  • move rule that turns single quotes into double quotes to token modifier in
    `tidyverse_style_guide() (#406).
  • remove line-breaks before commas (#405).
  • removed package dependency enc in favor of xfun (#442).

Thanks to all contributors for patches, issues and the like:
@jonmcalder, @krlmlr, @IndrajeetPatil, @kalibera, @Hasnep, @kiranmaiganji,
@dirkschumacher, @ClaytonJY, @wlandau, @maurolepore.