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usethis v1.3.0

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@jennybc jennybc released this 24 Feb 22:24

usethis 1.3.0

  • usethis has a website: (#217). It includes an article with advice on system setup, for usethis and for R development more generally.

  • edit_*() functions now return the target path, invisibly (#255).

  • edit_git_ignore(scope = "user") prefers ~/.gitignore, but detects an existing ~/.gitignore_global, if it exists. If a new global gitignore file is created, it is created as ~/.gitignore and recorded in user's git config as the core.excludesfile (#255).

  • create_from_github() gains several arguments and new functionality. The protocol argument lets user convey whether remote URLs should be ssh or https. In the case of "fork and clone", the original repo is added as upstream remote. It is now possible -- although rarely necessary -- to directly specify the GitHub PAT, credentials (in git2r form), and GitHub host (#214, #214, #253).

  • use_github_labels() can create or update the colour of arbitrary GitHub issue labels, defaulting to a set of labels and colours used by the tidyverse packages, which are now exposed via tidy_labels(). That set now includes the labels "good first issue" and "help wanted" (#168, #249).

  • appveyor_info() no longer reverses the repo's URL and image link. Corrects the markdown produced by use_appveyor_badge() (#240, @llrs).

  • use_cran_badge() uses an HTTPS URL for the CRAN badge image (#235, @jdblischak).

  • create_package() and create_project() return a normalized path, even if target directory does not pre-exist (#227, #228).

New functions

  • use_git_config() can set user's Git name or email, globally or locally in a project/repo (#267).

  • browse_github_pat() goes to the webpage where a GitHub user can create a personal access token (PAT) for the GitHub API. If the user configures a PAT, they can use functions like create_from_github() and use_github() to easily create and connect GitHub repos to local projects. (#248, #257, @jeroen, via @jennybc).

  • use_version() increments the version of the active package, including an interactive chooser. use_dev_version() is now a special case wrapper around this. (#188, #223, @EmilHvitfeldt).

  • use_tidy_github() creates a standard set of files that make a GitHub repository more navigable for users and contributors: an issue template, contributing guidelines, support documentation, and a code of conduct. All are now placed in a .github/ subdirectory (#165, @batpigandme).

  • use_bioc_badge creates a Bioconductor badge that links to the build report (#271, @LiNk-NY).

  • use_binder_badge() creates a badge indicating the repository can be launched in an executable environment via Binder (#242, @uribo).