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xml2 (development version)

  • xml_find_all.xml_nodeset() gains a flatten argument to control whether to return a single nodeset or a list of nodesets (#311, @jakejh)

  • write_xml() and write_html() now return NULL invisibly, as they did prior to version 1.3.0 (#307)

xml2 1.3.2

  • read_html() and read_xml() now error if passed strings of length greater than one (#121)

  • read_xml.raw() had an inadvertent regression in 1.3.0 and is now again fixed (#300)

  • Compilation fix on macOS 10.15.4 (@kevinushey, #296)

xml2 1.3.1

  • read_html() now again works with HTML files with non-ASCII encodings (#293).

xml2 1.3.0

  • Removes the Rcpp dependency

xml2 1.2.5

  • Fix compilation issue on macOS versions after High Sierra when not using homebrew supplied libxml2

xml2 1.2.4

  • Fix potential dangling pointer with internal asXmlChar() function (@michaelquinn32, #287).

  • as_xml_document() now handles cases with text nodes trailing normal nodes (#274).

  • xml_add_child() can now create nodes with a par attribute. These previously errored due to partial name matching of the parent function in the internal create_node() function. (@jennybc, #285)

  • libxml2_version() now returns a semantic version rather than alphanumeric version, so "2.9.10" > "2.9.9" (#277)

xml2 1.2.2

  • Export S4 classes with documentation, so they can be used in other packages without Warnings (@nuest, #267)

xml2 1.2.1

New Features

  • xml2 now has a pkgdown site! (@jayhesselberth, #211).

  • Windows: upgrade to libxml2 2.9.8

  • print methods now match the type of document, e.g. read_html() prints as "{html_document}" rather than "{xml_document}" (#227)

Bugfixes and Miscellaneous features

  • Generic xml2 error are now forwarded as R errors. Previously these errors were output to stderr, so could not be suppressed (#209).

  • Fix for ICU 59+ defaulting to use char16_t, which is only available in C++11 (#231)

  • No longer uses the C connections API

  • Better error message when trying to run download_xml() without the curl package installed (#262)

  • xml2 classes are now registered for use with S4 by calling setOldClass() (#248)

  • Nodes with nested data type definition entities now work without crashing (#241)

  • Test failure fixed due to behavior change with relative paths in libxml2 2.9.9 (#245).

  • read_xml() now has a better error message when given zero length character inputs (#212).

  • read_xml() and read_html() now automatically check if the response succeeded before trying to read from a HTTP response (#255).

  • xml_root() can now create root nodes with namespaces (#239)

  • xml_set_attr() no longer crashes if you try to set the same namespace on the same node multiple times (#253).

  • xml_set_attr() now recycles the values if needed (#221)

  • xml_structure() gains a file argument, to support writing to a file rather than the console (#244).

xml2 1.2.0

Breaking changes

  • as_list() on xml_document objects did not properly include the root node in the returned list. Previous behavior can be obtained by using as_list()[[1L]] in place of as_list().

New Features

  • download_xml() and download_html() helper functions to make it easy to download files (#193).

  • xml_attr() can now set attributes with no value (#198).

  • xml_serialize() and xml_unserialize() now create file connections when given character input (#179).


  • xml_find_first() no longer de-duplicates results, so the results are always the same length as the inputs (as documented) (#194).

  • xml2 can now build using libxml2 2.7.0

  • Use Rcpp symbol registration and visibility to prevent symbol conflicts on Linux

  • xml_add_child() now requires less resources to insert a node when called with .where = 0L (@heckendorfc, #175).

  • Fixed failing examples due to a change in an external resource.

xml2 1.1.1

  • This is a small point release addressing installation issues found with older libxml2 versions shipped with RedHat Linux 6 / CentOS 6 (#163, #164).

xml2 1.1.0

New Features

  • write_xml() and write_html() now accept connections as well as filenames for output. (#157)

  • xml_add_child() now takes a .where argument specifying where to add the new children. (#138)

  • as_xml() generic function to convert R objects to xml. The most important method is for lists and enables full roundtrip support for going to and back from xml for lists and enables full roundtrip support to and from XML. (#137, #143)

  • xml_new_root() can be used to create a new document and a root node in one step (#131).

  • xml_add_parent() inserts a new node between the node and its parent (#129)

  • Add xml_validate() to validate a document against an xml schema (#31, @jeroenooms).

  • Export xml2_types.h to allow for extension packages such as xslt.

  • xml_comment() allows you to add comment nodes to a document. (#111)

  • xml_cdata() allows you to add CDATA nodes to a document. (#128)

  • Add xml_set_text() and xml_set_name() equivalent to xml_text<- and xml_name<-. (#130).

  • Add xml_set_attr() and xml_set_attrs() equivalent to xml_attr<- and xml_attrs<-. (#109, #130)

  • Add write_html() method (#133).


  • xml_new_document() now explicitly sets the encoding (default UTF-8) (#142)

  • Document formatting options for write_xml() (#132)

  • Add missing methods for xml_missing objects. (#134)

  • Bugfix for xml_length.xml_nodeset that caused it to fail unconditionally. (#140)

  • now returns TRUE for xml_missing objects. (#139)

  • Trim non-breaking spaces in xml_text(trim = TRUE) (#151).

  • Allow setting non-character attributes (values are coerced to characters). (@sjp, #117, #122).

  • Fixed return value in call to vapply in xml_integer.xml_nodeset. (@ddiez, #146, #147).

  • Allow docs missing a root element to be created and printed. (@sjp, #126, #121).

  • xml_add_* methods now return invisibly. (@sjp, #124)

  • as_list() now preserves element names when attributes exist, and escapes XML attributes that conflict with special R attributes (@peterfoley, #115).

xml2 1.0.0

  • All C++ functions now use checked_get() instead of get() where possible, so NULL XPtrs properly throw an error rather than crashing. (@jimhester, #101, #104).

  • xml_integer() and xml_double() functions to make it easy to extract integer and double text from nodes (@jimhester, #97, #99).

  • xml2 now supports modification and creation of XML nodes. New functions xml_new_document(), xml_new_child(), xml_new_sibling(), xml_set_namespace(), , xml_remove(), xml_replace(), xml_root() and replacement methods for xml_name(), xml_attr(), xml_attrs() and xml_text() (@jimhester, #9 #76)

  • xml_ns() now keeps namespace prefixes that point to the same URI (@jimhester, #35, #95).

  • read_xml() and read_html() methods added for httr::response() objects. (@jimhester, #63, #93)

  • xml_child() function to make selecting children a little easier (@jimhester, #23, #94)

  • xml_find_one() has been deprecated in favor of xml_find_first() (@jimhester, #58, #92)

  • xml_read() functions now default to passing the document's namespace object. Namespace definitions can now be removed as well as added and xml_ns_strip() added to remove all default namespaces from a document. (@jimhester, #28, #89)

  • xml_read() gains a options argument to control all available parsing options, including HUGE to turn off limits for parsing very large documents and now drops blank text nodes by default, mimicking default behavior of XML package. (@jimhester, #49, #62, #85, #88)

  • xml_write() expands the path on filenames, so directories can be specified with '~/' (@jimhester, #86, #80)

  • xml_find_one() now returns a 'xml_missing' node object if there are 0 matches (@jimhester, #55, #53, tidyverse/rvest#82).

  • xml_find_num(), xml_find_chr(), xml_find_lgl() functions added to return numeric, character and logical results from XPath expressions. (@jimhester, #55)

  • xml_name() and xml_text() always correctly encode returned value as UTF-8 (#54).

xml2 0.1.2

  • Improved configure script - now works again on R-devel on windows.

  • Compiles with older versions of libxml2.,

xml2 0.1.1

  • Make configure script more cross platform.

  • Add xml_length() to count the number of children (#32).